Mystic + Giveaway

Title: Mystic
Author: Cheryl Brooks
Series: Cat Star Legacy, #2
Pub. Date: January 29, 2019
ISBN: 9781492661634



In a vision, Aidan had watched her fall, disappearing through a fissure in the rock as the ground gave way beneath her, her screams reverberating through his mind like the tumbling roar of an avalanche.

Although most people would've dismissed it as a dream, he knew the terrifying vision for what it was: a portent of a future event, which was not uncommon among his kind. Therefore, she hadn't fallen-yet. The trouble was he didn't know whether he was supposed to prevent the accident or rescue her after she fell.

He'd spent the last week flying over the cliffs, his keen eyes searching the jumbled boulders for an sign that she'd ever been there. Thus far, he'd found nothing. No trace of any life aside from the cliff-dwelling condors and the assorted rodents that were widespread in the remote mountain of Rhylos.

But the vision...He'd seen it four times now. This was the right place. He was certain of it. More certain, perhaps, than he'd eve been of anything. 

He skimmed over the plateau before swooping down over the edge of the cliffs-jagged rock fit only as a nesting place for the huge condors, which had been named for an extinct Terran species. Some said they looked similar, and, having seen pictures, he agreed. However, these birds were even larger than the original condors had been, and they defended their nests with a ferocity few avian species could match. 

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