The ABCs of Being Me

The ABCs of Being Me” is meant to be a collaborative work of art created by both the author and the reader. Each letter of the alphabet represents a corresponding character trait. A poem is written about the meaning of each positive intrinsic value expressed with a creative space provided for the reader to contribute the art to go with it.

Once completed it will serve as a permanent reflection of how the reader viewed themselves and their world at a particular moment in time. Part journal, part scrapbook and part photo album – each completed book will be a personal time capsule to be opened, remembered and cherished over the course of a lifetime.

My Review

The young readers will really enjoy this book. For example. my youngest nephew is six. He would have fun with this book. I like how the author takes each letter of the alphabet and choses a great word to associate with that letter. Example: B is for beauty or C is for caring. The author then showcases each word in a poem on how that word can be associated with great things about yourself or others. After the poem is a blank page where the reader is encouraged to write or even draw how they relate that word to themselves.

This is one of those times where it is ok to draw in the book. After you are done with this book, it should look very well loved. What I also liked about this book is that the poems were easy to read, so that my nephew could read this book on his own. Yet, the more interaction you have with this book the better the reading experience will be for the readers.


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