Tell on You

Tell On You, the story of a married teacher’s fatal infatuation with his beautiful 16-year-old student, best fits into the emerging niche genre of “Grip Lit.” These novels, usually authored by women and inspired by the wildly successful Gone Girl, are thrillers with psychological nuances and frequently unreliable narrators. Readers love the must-turn-the-page suspense, even while they may dislike the characters. The author of Tell On You is a psychologist, well-acquainted with the dark corners of the heart.  

 My Review

First off when I hear the words, Gone Girl, I think of a very suspenseful thriller. I did not really experience that from this book. Not that this is a bad book but I wanted to be left hanging on the edge of my seat. This is because the actions by Nikki were at times predictable and childish.

If I am brutally honest; Jeremy was not that likable. He kind of put himself in the difficult situation. He did not truly show remorse, except for when he got caught. So, he kind of deserved what he got. Although, the intrigue level was middle, I still read this book in a matter of a couple of hours. The pacing was good, the storyline was fine as was the characters. I would read another book from this author and can't wait to see what author, Freda Hansburg comes out with next. 


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