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Book Details:

Book Title: Sovereignty by Anjenique Hughes
Category: YA fiction, 262 pages
Genre: Dystopian
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Release date: July 19, 2016
Tour dates: May 15 to June 2, 2017
Content Rating: PG (No F-words, no sexual content, only one kissing scene and mild profanity)

Book Description:

I used to think I knew all the answers; now I no longer even know the questions. - Goro

Under the totalitarian reign of the 23rd century's world's government- The Sovereign Regime- control is made possible by the identity chip implanted in every human being, recording everything that is seen, done, and experienced.

No more bank accounts.
No more smart phones.
No more secrets.

When Goro inadvertently overhears an exchange of sensitive information, causing him to confront the truth about his world and prompting him to choose his true loyalties, his dream of revolution kicks into high gear. Goro doesn't know he has covert intel in his possession both the SR and the resistance movement are desperate to acquire.

Determined to attempt the impossible task of bringing down the world government, he and his closest friends gain access to the key to ultimately deciding who has sovereignty.

But who will get to Goro first: The resistance or the Sovereign Regime?

My Review

I like this book. I was along for the journey with Goro. In fact, I was really into this book in the beginning. Yet, as the story progressed, I found my attention lessening some. This is because I found the voices of the other characters to kind of meld together and not be distinctive enough or loud enough for me. Additionally, I liked the world but I wanted more details about it. This was I could have gotten a better visual of the world that this story took place in. On the plus side, there was plenty of action. Enough to kept the story interesting and moving along at a good pace.

Another reader mentioned that this book had military aspects that they were not a fan of. This is one of the reasons I wanted to read this book. It was a nice touch to this book. Yet, because of this and the characters coming off as grown up, I would suggest that the starting age for this book be the older teens and up. Adults will enjoy this book as well. The ending leaves a good tie into the next book.

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Meet the Author:

With master's degrees in education, special education, and counseling, Anjenique "Jen" Hughes is a high school English and math teacher who loves teaching and mentoring young people. She enjoys traveling and has worked with youth on five continents. Saying she is "young at heart" is an understatement; she is fluent in sarcasm, breaks eardrums with her teacher voice (students have complained when they were within earshot), and cracks sarcastic jokes with the best of her students. Her work with ethnically and socioeconomically diverse youth has inspired her to write books that appeal to a broad variety of students seeking stories of bravery, perseverance, loyalty, and success.

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Where do you get inspiration for your stories? 

My goofy, crazy high school students. J No, really, they are hilarious! I love teaching, connecting with youth, speaking into their lives, encouraging them to chase after their dreams with a fervor that would stop a wild bull in its tracks! Listening to and joining in with their banter is what inspires my conversations between my characters. Thus, I have been told on more than one occasion that my book contains “wicked dialogue.”
There are many books out there about Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, end of the world, technologically advanced YA stuff. What makes yours different? 

What makes my book different is that it paints a very real picture of what our world could and WILL look like in the not too distant future. There is an element of realism that is appealing for all ages, even adults. A lot of the technology that is described in my book is either already available, or will be very, very soon. It has twists and turns where you least expect it. It is not corny, cheesy, or dull. No aliens or zombies over here. Cool, creative characters that are widely ethnically diverse and amusing dialogue is what also sets this book apart from the vast array. You will not be disappointed.

What advice would you give budding writers?

Write a little bit every single day, do NOT give up, writer’s block comes and goes (every author encounters this), put various scenes down on paper without getting too bogged down in the detailed sentences, start with an outline, research research research, create a quiet place to work, listen to whatever gets you in “the zone,” talk to as many authors as you can, ask as many questions as you can, read a plethora of books yourself, always be kind to everyone, etc., and believe in yourself!!! J

What is your next project?

Currently, I am working on completing the second book in the Sovereignty Series, entitled TriUnity.

They always say the second book in a trilogy is the hardest to write; wish me luck!

Any hobbies?

 My favorite pastime is target shooting. I own several firearms and also reload my own ammunition. I love challenging myself to beat my last score. I’m a pretty good shot, if I do say so myself! J

Who do you listen to or who is your “muse” when writing?

I crank Zedd and Disclosure when writing. These two styles of music pump me up and get me in a creative frame of mind. My favorite songs are Spectrum and Clarity by Zedd and Jaded by Disclosure, to name a few.

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Jen said…
Thanks for the great review!!! ;)
Bridgett Wilbur said…
I would love to read your book, and I just love the cover.

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