The Darkest Day

He is darkness. She wants him dead.
In a city starved of light, she might just succeed.

She moves like a shadow; she kills silently: Raven. This elegant assassin has been on the run for years. This time though, she has picked the wrong target.

The hitman known only as 'Victor' is as paranoid as he is merciless, and is no stranger to being hunted. He tracks his would-be killer across the globe to, aiming not only to neutralise the threat, but to discover who wants him dead. The trail leads to New York...

And then the lights go out.

Over twelve hours of unremitting darkness, Manhattan dissolves into chaos. Amid looting, conspiracy and blackout, Victor and Raven play a vicious game of cat and mouse that the city will never forget.

My Review

This is the first book in a long while where I have fall in love again with the espionage/assassin story. I used to read a lot of these types of books up there with my mysteries. This book was so easy to read that it was a pleasure and not a chore. So having said this, this is also my first time reading a book in this series.

Victor had a coolness about him kind of like James Bond. Which I found appealing. He is also very intelligent, even if there was a time or two where I thought that Raven or the other guys had gotten the drop on him. Yet it was all part of the plan and Victor scoping out the situation. Speaking of Raven, I was drawn to her as a strong female heroine. She and Victor brought it just as well as they could take it toe to toe. The ending was not what I saw coming. I hope that Raven makes good on her promise and I see her again at some point in another book in this series. I plan to check out the prior novels in this series as well as keep my eyes out for the next one. There was no dark day when I was reading this book.


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