House of Bradbury

Mia Gladwell s life is going nowhere. The media has skewered her debut novel, her fiance Carson, a successful Hollywood producer, has jumped ship, and now she s living in her sister s carriage house unattached, unemployed, and uninspired. Then she learns that the Los Angeles estate of iconic author Ray Bradbury is up for sale, and she feels an immediate urge to buy the wonky old house, convinced that moving into the late author's home will inspire her to create her best work yet.

Life in the Bradbury house is not what Mia imagined, however. Soon after moving in, to fulfill a debt she owes to Carson, she agrees to take in a pill-popping young actress as a tenant, and suddenly she finds herself in a balancing act between her needy ex, an unpredictable starlet, and her disapproving sister, who s keeping a close eye on her. Add to this a series of mysterious sketches left at her doorstep by a stranger, and Mia s life is more complicated than ever. As she searches for clues, though, Mia discovers insights into her own life. Maybe moving into Bradbury s house was a big mistake but maybe not."  

My Review

I had a tiny reservation about reading this book prior to reading it. I think ok I will attempt to read it. Well my attempt became real. I did enjoy this book way more than I thought. Such a good thing. Mia has self doubt about herself but I am glad that she took a giant leap of faith and purchased a home of her own. Although I really knew nothing about author, Ray Bradbury, I felt like I had a good visual picture of just who he was and what he liked to do in his time from the descriptions of the house and the experiences that Mia encountered with the house. Zoe turned out to be another great surprise. I thought she would be a stuck up model/actress type but she was genuine. I could even somewhat put up with Mia's crazy ex, Carson. This book is an enjoyable read.


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