Running for Water and Sky

They say that right before you die, your whole life flashes before your eyes. But what they don't say is that the same thing can happen when your soul mate is dying. 

 After spending most of her 17 years being shuffled between families that don't want her, Bless Adler has no intention of opening her heart to anyone. And then she falls in love with Liam Reid.
The closer Bless lets Liam get, the more fearful she becomes. Then her new friend, Maylee, convinces her to go see a local psychic and the woman's glimpse into the future is anything but reassuring: Bless's absent father, drunk and bitter. A frantic crowd gathered at the beach. Liam lying in a pool of blood, a gun at his side. 

 Now Bless has 14 blocks to reach Liam on the shores of Lake Michigan. If he's still alive, she'll beg for him to fight for his life. If he's not, she'll say good-bye to the first person who made her want to fight for her own. Edgy, intense, and emotional, Running for Water and Sky is a story of the elation and angst that comes with love, and the challenge of learning to trust when betrayal is all you ve ever known.

My Review

It appears that I must have read a different book from the current readers. Everyone else is raving about this book. Don't get me wrong as in the beginning I thought this story was really going to go somewhere. Yet, after only a few chapters, I had lost interest in what was transpiring in the pages of this book. None of the characters jumped out at me and made me crave for their story. Yet I did keep reading as I thought I would find that "some" again. After just going through the motions until the half way point I was done. I did skip ahead to the last three chapters to see how the story would end. Unfortunately, this book was not for me.


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