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Down on Her Knees Virtual Book Publicity Tour – Win Prizes!

Title: Down on Her Knees
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Christine Bell
Publisher: Entangled Brazen
Pages: 159
Language: English
Format: Ebook
Four lessons, no strings…
Detective Rafe Davenport has always made Courtney DeLollis uneasy. While her instincts whisper, Touch him, her mind says, Run. But since she learned that he’s dominant in the bedroom, she hasn’t been able to forget about it. She should be appalled—she knows all too well what happens when a man has too much control—but a deeper, darker part of her is fascinated…
And so is Rafe. The sexual tension between them is thick enough to touch, and damn, does he want to touch. So he suggests something that will benefit them both. Four scenes—because anything more is a relationship, and Rafe won’t go there ever again. Each scenario is designed to tease and torment. To show Courtney that with every submission comes the reward of scintillating pleasure. But once he has Courtney down on her knees, Rafe realizes that she might be the one woman capable of bringing him to his…




Christine Bell is a USA Bestselling Author of contemporary romance novels and one half of the happiest couple in the world. She and her handsome hubby currently reside in Pennsylvania with a four-pack of teenage boys and their two dogs, Gimli and Pug. If she gets time off from her duties as maid, chef, chauffeur, or therapist, she can be found reading just about anything she can get her hands on, from Young Adult novels to books on poker theory. She doesn’t like root beer, clowns or bugs (except ladybugs, on account of their cute outfits), but lurrves chocolate, going to the movies, the New York Giants and playing Texas Hold ‘Em. Writing is her passion, but if she had to pick another occupation, she would be a pirate…or, like, a ninja maybe. She loves writing fun, sexy romances, but also hopes to one day publish something her dad can read without wanting to dig his eyes out with rusty spoons. Christine loves to hear from readers, so please feel free to get in touch with her via the Contact Page, or find her on Twitter @_ChristineBell.


Pump Up Your Book and Christine are teaming up to give away a $25 Amazon Gift Card and a signed copy of Down for the Count!

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  • This giveaway begins February 24 and ends on March 7.
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  • Winner has 48 hours to reply.
Good luck everyone!



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Unravel Me Virtual Book Publicity Tour – Win Prizes!

Title: Unravel Me
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Tori St. Claire
Publisher: Entangled Brazen
Pages: 173
Language: English
Format: Ebook
Letting go might be the key that unlocks her pleasure…
Attorney Cassie Blaire has spent most of her life living by rules. Rules that keep her life sensible, and on the right path. But five years after losing her husband, Cassie is saying sayonara to “sensible.” And it starts now—with indulging a need she’s long denied.
When he arrives in Colorado, all Brad Steele wants is a scotch before he has to play nice in the first face-to-face meeting with his co-counsel in an ugly divorce case. But instead, he finds her—a lush, inviting stranger whose dark eyes invite him to sin…and thirst turns into a raw, undeniable hunger.
Now Cassie is initiated into a world that has nothing to do with being sensible, and everything to do with sensuality. Under Brad’s guiding touch, she’s receiving an education in desire—one that breaks all of the old rules, and explores tantalizing new ones. And once she learns that her naughty one-nighter is her arrogant co-counsel, all of her objections will be sustained…




National Bestselling author Tori St. Claire grew up writing. Hobby quickly turned into passion, and when she discovered the world of romance as a teen, poems and short stories gave way to full length novels with sexy heroes and heroines waiting to be swept off their feet. She wrote her first romance novel at seventeen.
While that manuscript gathered dust-bunnies beneath the bed, she went on to establish herself as a contemporary, historical, and paranormal author under the pen name, Claire Ashgrove. Additionally, she writes strictly historical romance as Sophia Garrett. Her writing, however, skirted a fine line between hot and steamy, and motivated by authors she admired, she pushed her boundaries and made the leap into erotica, using the darker side of human nature and on-the-edge suspense to drive grittier, sexier, stories.
Her erotic romantic suspense novels are searingly sensual experiences that unite passion with true emotion, and the all-consuming tie that binds — love.


Pump Up Your Book and Tori are teaming up to give away a $5 Starbucks Gift Card, a $5 Amazon Gift Card and an ecopy of Explosive! Enter Here

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  • This giveaway begins February 24 and ends on March 7.
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  • Winner has 48 hours to reply.

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Where Evil Waits Blog Tour

WHERE EVIL WAITS by Kate Brady (February 25, 2014; Forever Mass Market; $8.00)
Special prosecutor Kara Chandler is very good at her job, so good that a homicidal mastermind vows to kill her and everyone she cares about. Desperate to save herself and her son, Kara seeks out cartel hit man Luke Var�n. The last time she dealt with Luke, she saw him beat the system and escape prison. But now, the most dangerous man she's ever met is the only one who can keep her alive.

Luke Varï isn't who he appears to be. After spending years in the criminal underworld, he seeks redemption . . . and revenge. Yet when he sees the fear in Kara's eyes, he can't walk away. People around her are being murdered, and only he can help uncover the killer's motive. Now as danger closes in, Kara and Luke must trust each other with their darkest secrets - before the evil in their lives destroys them both.
His head came down. Kara gasped but his mouth smothered it, and she started to push back, then realized he wasn’t forcing her. He eased in close, his knife hand bracing against the top of the SUV while the other came to her cheek, warm and strong as his fingers threaded into her hair and he tipped back her head to better receive his kiss. A second later, she heard voices, people climbing up the path from the dock, their laughter choking to a halt when Kara and Luke came into sight.
Act like it.
Reality struck: It’s an act.
Her limbs loosened, her lips softened, and she gave in to the kiss. Varón slanted his mouth over hers, warm and mobile, and he pressed her against the hot metal of the SUV, marauding and suckling, the very scent and taste of him invading her senses. Frissons of sensation stirred to life at the center of her body. In the distance, the crunch of gravel changed direction— the intruders cutting a wider swath— even so, Varón didn’t stop. His tongue slipped out and traced the crease of her lips, seeking entrance.
A spear of sensation shot straight between her legs. Kara parted her lips and Varón was right there— filling her, possessing her, a tender, insistent invasion that made her knees wobble as his hand slid the length of her spine and pulled her close. She heard what might have been car doors opening and closing, then the hum of an engine coming to life, but the sounds didn’t matter. Her heartbeat deepened and her nipples rose against his chest, and when she reached up to grasp his shoulders, his muscles flexed and strained beneath her fingers. A groan resonated in his throat and his free hand smoothed down the side of her rib cage, his thumb brushing the outer curve of her breast and setting loose a cyclone of sensations whirling in her belly. Sensations she hadn’t felt for . . . forever.
His tongue left her mouth and he suckled her lips, then nuzzled her face to the side and trailed a path of fiery kisses down the curve of her jaw and up again. He stopped in the hollow just below her ear.
"They’re gone," he whispered, his breath fanning warmth over her ear.
Kara went still. It’s an act, her brain chanted, and embarrassment soared in. She sank back against the SUV, unsure if she could stand on her own. He’d robbed her limbs of strength and her mind of every last thread of cognition, sucked the oxygen right out of her lungs. For one, steamy moment, she’d forgotten about feeling afraid and exhausted and confused, and instead had just been feeling. And for one insane moment, she’d wanted to let him keep going. Keep supporting her weight, keep shielding her from the world, keep kissing her as if he wanted to swallow her whole. Even now, after his proclamation that they were once again alone, his lips still breathed kisses against her temples as if he, too, was reluctant to let it end.
"Okay," she breathed. "Then back up." She slid her hands over his arms and laid them flat against his chest, a hot wall of iron. She managed to form a thought in spite of the craven lust that had left her feeling hollow and damp, and exerted just enough pressure that he straightened to allow an inch of space between them. His thumb grazed the corner of her mouth, his gaze snagging there.
"Good work," he murmured, and brushed his lips against her temple. "Very convincing."
She blushed deep red, grateful for the darkness. "I know how to act," she said, and he finally stepped back.
"Apparently so."
And that was that: a kiss that just about knocked her off her feet, from a murderer who held her life and her son’s life in his hands.
And for a moment, she hadn’t minded at all.

About Kate Brady
Kate Brady is a RITA Award winning author, choral director, university professor, wife, mother,  and caretaker of a variety of furry, feathered, and scaly pets. She lives with her family in Georgia, where she is currently at work on her next novel.

Social Media Links:

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The Face Transplant

Want to know when a book is going to be a good one and you will be on the ride of your life? When the story starts out with Dr. Matthew MacAulay and his staff held at gun point. They are told if their patient dies then they all die. Whoever the patient is must be a very important person for him to be receiving a face transplant. Matthew and his staff do get to live another day.

Before Matthew can fully comprehend what happened to him, he learns that his close friend and mentor has died. Matthew uncovers that his friend's death was not by natural causes. Also, his friend had found a way to do facial transplants where there was virtually no scarring. As if that person had been born with that face. You can imagine the type of people that would kill for this type of knowledge.

I liked this book. It was different from my normal routine of reading. I could not help but think of the movie, Face Off starring Nicholas Cage and John Travolta. If they had this type of technology and could really adapt to the other one's personality better then it would have been even harder to have figured out which was which. This book would make a good movie. There was plenty of things happening in the book to keep it intriguing and moving at a good pace.

Purchase a copy here

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1001 Questions to Ask Before Having a Baby

If you have ever thought about having a baby then you might want to hold that thought until you have read this book. Monica shares all kinds of knowledge or questions that you need to be asking yourself and your partner before taking this major life changing event.  There were so many questions that I had never ponder before.  This book is not just geared towards the women but also the men.  In fact this book is more of a workbook for couples. I even had my husband take the survey near the beginning of the book for men. I got a good idea of where he really stood on the idea of having a baby in the mix as a new addition. Not quite ready but almost there.  Me on the other hand is not ready yet. This is fine. I want to make sure that we are both there before we take this journey together. I will pick up this book again in about 6 months to see if our answers change any. This book would make a good gift for anyone.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Confessions of a Wild Child

I am some what familiar with Lucky. I only say this because I have not read every book in the series about the Santangelo family. However the ones that I have read involving the grown Lucky, I could tell she was a strong, independent woman. Reading Confessions of a Wild Child is a fun intro to the past and where Lucky came from and how she got to be the woman she is today.

Having a father like Gino, I can't really blame Lucky for rebelling like she did. Of course if she was a good girl then there would be no book like this and Lucky would not be as interesting. However I have to say that Olympia made Lucky seem like a "saint" (pun intended). The ending was not that good. Reading this book does make me want to read the next Lucky novel.

The Line Blog Tour + Giveaway

Mercy Taylor is a tour guide. That is about all she can do. She comes from a family of witches but due to some sick joke Mercy has no powers. That is why she is sneaking off in the middle of the night to see Mother Jilo. She wants Mother Jilo to cast her a love spell. While Mercy does have a crush on her twin sister's boyfriend, Jackson that is not who Mercy wants the spell case on. She wants Mother Jilo to cast a spell on Mercy to fall in love with her childhood friend, Peter. Peter is in love with Mercy. When Mercy learns the price for the spell, she realizes it is not worth the risk. Mercy is called upon her Aunt Ginny the next morning. When Mercy walks into the room, she finds her aunt murdered. It is up to Mercy and her family to find her aunt's killer.

What I noticed right away was that Mercy while she was an adult at 20, almost 21, she seemed much younger like in her teens. Which would not have bothered me so much if she was in her teens but I wanted Mercy to grow up and have a little back bone. Then there was the fact of a lot of rambling about things that felt more like the author was trying to fill in dead space then that section really having anything to do with the story. There was nothing too scary in this book. It was mild at best. I expect that the second book will feature more action. However with it kind of lacking in this book, I had a hard time sticking with this book. I had to skim parts to make it go faster. Although, it is nice to see witches making a comeback again.

I have 1 copy of this book to giveaway. US/Canada if selecting physical copy otherwise if you are international then it will be a digital copy (Kindle)
Leave me a message with your email and choice of either physical or digital. If you are in the US/Canada it can be digital as well. Will pick winner on Feb 23rd

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Friday, March 7th:  Sweet Southern Home

Flashes of Me Tour + Giveaway

FLASHES OF ME is the incredibly hot and steamy new novella from Cynthia Sax, author of the Seen Trilogy. Sax delves deep into voyeurism, a whole new realm of erotica, and her latest read screams with seduction. With a red-hot tension between a brawny executive and a new, curvy intern, the secrets, sex and suspense will have readers aching for more. FLASHES OF ME is on sale 02/18/2014 from Avon Impulse wherever e-books are sold. Please contact me if you are interested in reviewing.

She longs to be watched…

He can’t bear to look away

Henley, the head of cyber security at Blaine Technologies, is a man no sane person crosses. He watches employees constantly using his network of cameras and enforces his rules by any means possible. Henley strives to protect everything in sight but rumors of his violent past, his scarred hands and huge size have resulted in him being feared by everyone… almost everyone.

In walks Katalina, the perky intern with a bright taste for fashion. Kat has made a big move across the country to escape her past, and comes alive at the first touch of Henley. Though she fears the revelation of her most painful secret much more than she fears Henley’s wrath, she sees the loneliness in his dark eyes, feels the gentleness in his marred fingers, and tastes the need in his kisses. She knows he watches her, and her only. His silly rules about not stripping for the cameras and no sex at the office are destined to be broken…it’s only a matter of time.

But can this beauty…

tame her beastly boss?

"I think we’re on the quiet floor," I observe. No one else is talking.

Camille’s walk is defiant. "We’ll change that." She pauses in front of the stairwell. "Stairs?"

"Ummm . . ." I thought the human resources lady said something about the stairwells being for emergency use only, but I hadn’t been paying close attention to her monotonous spiel. I was too worried about not being chosen. "Sure."

We clomp down the stairs, our heels ringing against the concrete. The supremely clean and brightly lit stairwell smells of stinky socks, the stale air making me dizzy. Camille appears unaffected by the stench. As we descend, she sings happily, her song choices being a collection of increasingly vulgar hip-hop songs.

We reach the second floor and Camille tugs on the door. It doesn’t open. She scans her passcard over a small black security box. The light remains red. "S**t on a stick." She scans it again. Nothing happens. "Unbelievable," she fumes.

"Let me try." I wave my passcard over the sensor. The light remains red and Camille curses. Her vocabulary makes me blush and, as I’m a native New Yorker, that’s an impressive feat for her to accomplish. "We’ll try the ground floor," I suggest.

We trudge down to the ground floor. This door is locked also. Camille tries her passcard. It doesn’t work, prompting another stream of colorful language from my new friend. I try my passcard. It’s as useless as Camille’s.

"We’re stuck." I state the obvious, slapping the metal door, ignoring Camille’s ranting. "Do you have a phone?"

"Do I look like I have a phone?" Camille pivots in a circle, her arms outstretched. "Besides we’re in freakin’ Fort Knox." She pats one of the walls. "These babies must be shielded to hell and back."

"The doors are thick also." I slap the metal door again, my palm stinging with the impact. "Hey." I gaze upward. "They have cameras." I point at the black lens positioned above us. "Security must be monitoring the stairwells." I wave my arms at the camera. "They’ll send help."

"If they’re real cameras, they’ll send help," Camille scoffs. "Didn’t you hear about that girl in Westwood? She was trapped in a stairwell for four whole days. That stairwell had cameras too: fake cameras, installed to discourage thieves. She ate her fingernails down to bloody nubs."

"Four days," I repeat, staring up at the camera. It looks real, but I guess that’s the point. Fake-looking cameras wouldn’t fool thieves. "We could pull the fire alarm."

"If we do that, we’ll get ourselves fired." Camille shakes her head. "They’ll evacuate the building and we’ll look like dumb a****. Oh." Her face becomes animated. "I could pick the lock."

I stare at her. "Can you do that?"

"I’ve picked locks before." She beams, acting as though this is a skill to be admired. "Let me have a look." Camille shoves me out of the way. She examines the door, rattling the handle and poking her fingernail into the lock. "Do you have a piece of wire?"

The only piece of wire I have is attached to my bra. "Wait a second." I unbutton my blazer for the second time today, unhook my bra, and pull it through the armholes. Jiggling the underwire, I try to poke it through the fabric. "I need scissors."

"If we had scissors, I could jimmy the door open." Camille eyes the lock. "And our problems would be solved."

"You scare me." I bite my bra, tearing the lace, and slide the wire out of the cup. "Here’s your pick, as I believe you criminals call it."

"A few minor misdemeanors does not make one a criminal," Camille mutters, taking the wire from me.

"Actually, I believe it does." I sit down on the steps, the concrete cool under my ass.

"I freed information." Camille straightens the wire and inserts the end into the lock. "This is America. Freeing information shouldn’t be a misdemeanor."

"Sure, sure, tell it to the judge." I watch her work, hoping to learn something.

Minutes pass. I don’t know anything about picking locks, but I do know how to read people and Camille is struggling with her assigned task, her curses growing louder and more colorful.

"Are you sure you’ve done this before?" I lean back on the stairs, spinning my bra around the tip of my right index finger. This is much more interesting than shredding paper.

"I’m not deliberately screwing the pooch," Camille snaps. "This is a high-end lock."

"Thank you," a deep voice drawls, the low tones originating from behind me. "We try our best."

I shriek, jump to my feet, and turn, dropping my bra. The behemoth from the park catches the lavender lace before it touches the floor, twisting the flimsy garment in his tanned fingers. Lightning flashes in his dark eyes. His square chin juts.

He’s big and sexy and impossible to resist so I don’t even try. I fling myself against his massive body, wrap my arms around his waist, and bury my face in his black cotton shirt. "You’re here. You somehow knew we needed help and you came to our rescue." He’s warm, his body heat engulfing me, and he smells good, his lemon-and-cedar cologne filling my nostrils.

My mystery man stiffens, not moving for three agonizing heartbeats, and then he stuffs my bra into the front right pocket of his pants and hooks his arms around me. "I’ve got you, kitten," he says softly, the words rolling up his chest, his body hard, not an ounce of give on his big physique. "You’re safe." He rubs my back, his stroking reviving the passion I thought sated.

"You knew where to find me." I snuggle deeper into his enormous form. "It’s as though we’re connected." My parents have this same connection and their relationship lasted. Will our relationship last also? I tilt my head back and meet my stranger’s gaze. His eyes are the darkest brown, almost black. "How did you know where I was? Did you feel it in your heart?" I place one of my palms over that area on his chest.

"No." His lips flatten. "I saw you on the security cameras."

About the Author:

CYNTHIA SAX lives in a world filled with magic and romance. Although her heroes may not always say "I love you," they will do anything for the women they adore. They live passionately. They play hard. They love the same women forever.

Cynthia has loved the same wonderful man forever. Her supportive hubby offers himself up to the joys and pains of research, while they travel the world together, meeting fascinating people and finding inspiration in exotic places such as Istanbul, Bali, and Chicago.
Please visit her on the web at

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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The only thing that you would be "Doing Harm" to yourself is by not reading this book!

Dr. Steve Mitchell is a good surgeon. He is also in charge of training the new medical students. Steve is hoping to also further his career. If all goes right then, Steve will have everything...great career, wife, and children. Sadly, luck is not on Steve's side. First his patient goes into kidney failure and his next patient, he almost kills. It seems that there is something more sinister happening at the hospital like a serial killer that wants to teach Steve a lesson.

This book did not read like Mr. Parson's first book but more like Mr. Parson's fourth book. He comes out of the gate to impress. It has been a while since I have read a good medical thriller. I really enjoyed this book. It really felt like I was in the hospital. In fact, it kind of felt like I was in Steve's shoes. However I did have to wonder in the beginning if Steve was incompetent in his medical skills. He did not seem to be a very lucky guy. When his patients start getting sick this is when Steve's compassion shows and makes him a good guy. One that I can root for despite his momentary lapse in judgment. I can't wait to read Mr. Parson's next book. The only thing that you would be "Doing Harm" to yourself is by not reading this book!

Telling Tales

Allie, Kitty, Wade, and Cameron are all members of the Candy Club. A long time ago, they used to spend long weekends at Professor Warren's mansion. They would spend their time telling stories (all good but naughty). So it was not really a surprise when the professor died and left the mansion to the group. The Candy Club decides to go to the mansion for some story time and maybe more.

I have read many, many erotic novels. While all of them pretty much have the same theme, there are always something about these books that could make them a little different or extra steamy. Well sadly, if this book was steamy I won't know. I only got to chapter two and had to put it down. There was no substance in regards to a good storyline. Also, I was not feeling any of the characters what so ever. Everyone was just so horny that they could not turn it off. Which was a turn off.

If you want to listen to a brief part from this book, go here

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Defiant: The POWs Who Endured Vietnam's Most Infamous Prison, the Women Who Fought for Them, and the One Who Never Returned

Defiant is a not to be missed book! If you really want to know what it is like to be a prisoner of war (POW) in another country then you should read this book. While I am not very versed in what the United States does in regards to the POWS that we have in regarding to the different torture techniques as this would be top secret, I can just assume that we treat the POWS here in the United Statesway better then the men featured in this book endured in North Vietnam.

In fact, this book is so intense that at times I had to put it down to clear my head. If reading this book you don't get close to these men then you must not be human. I could picture everything that that the men went through including what they must look like with their injuries and broken bones. When the men were finally able to reunite with their families, I cheered. It was both a happy but sad reunion. It is reading things like this and what the other countries do that makes me not sorry about the things that the United States does to our POWs. It is all in the name of war and freedom.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Time to Kill

Book summary
Time to Kill is a pulse-racing thriller about Islamic terrorists bent on delivering Egypt into the hands of America’s arch enemy—Iran

In Jack Coughlin and Donald A. Davis' newest thriller in The New York Times bestselling series featuring American sniper Kyle Swanson, the Sphinx, a symbol of Egypt’s ancient history and power, is blown up by terrorists. A visit to Cairo by Iran’s national soccer team ends in a bloodbath.  Egyptian missiles sink an Iranian vessel in the Red Sea.  The Muslim Brotherhood is on the march, working behind the scenes to provoke a war between Egypt and its powerful neighbor, Iran—a war that would certainly result in an Iranian victory. What is at stake is nothing less than total control of the Suez Canal through which most of the world’s oil flows.

Behind the coup is a sinister double agent called The Pharoah whose goal is a fanatic Islamic regime on Israel’s borders. To avoid a direct military confrontation with Iran, the U.S. turns to master American sniper Kyle Swanson and his team, Trident.  Using ruthlessly accurate targeted kills, they go undercover to teach the Iranian leadership a lesson and prevent a war that could strangle the world’s oil supply and cause the death of thousands
My review
I have never read any books by either of these authors. This is my first introduction to what this duo can do together. I have to say that I was very impressed. So much so that I can't wait to read the next book and the prior novels by these authors. I pretty much read this book in one day. I felt like I was there every step of the way with Kyle. I was a little surprised that he did not pick up on the enemy sooner but not enough to know I would not want to tangle with him anytime soon.

A sign of a great working duo is never knowing where one author ended and the other one began. Plus, there was plenty of action to keep the pace of this story moving along with no interruptions. I would recommend this book to anyone that is a fan of military thrillers.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rachel (Wives of the Patriarchs #3)

Book Summary

Beautiful Rachel wants nothing more than for her older half sister Leah to wed and move out of their household. Maybe then she would not feel so scrutinized, so managed, so judged. Plain Leah wishes her father Laban would find a good man for her, someone who would love her alone and make her his only bride. Unbeknownst to either of them, Jacob is making his way to their home, trying to escape a past laced with deceit and find the future God has promised him.

But the past comes back to haunt Jacob when he finds himself on the receiving end of treachery and the victim of a cruel bait and switch. The man who wanted only one woman will end up with sisters who have never gotten along and now must spend the rest of their lives sharing a husband. In the power struggles that follow, only one woman will triumph . . . or will she?

Combining meticulous research with her own imaginings, Jill Eileen Smith not only tells one of the most famous love stories of all time but will manage to surprise even those who think they know the story inside and out.

Book Review by Blanche Mancuso

This is a haunting story of  the unconditional love Jacob has for
Rachel.  In today's world it would be unheard of to labor for years to
win the hand of the one you love.  This is what happens in this heart
stopping journey which takes Jacob and Rachel through trials and
tribulations to unite true love.  The characters are Jacob, an honest
man who falls in love  with Rachel.  Rachel has a sister, Leah who is
instrumental in trying to break up the couple and make life miserable
for all involved.  A must read that is based on biblical truth.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Love's Sweet Beginning

Cassie and her mother have nothing but each other after the death of Cassie's father. They were staying with Cassie's father's brother but they have overstayed their welcome. Cassie's mother has a plan that they will go to her brother's place in Noble Springs. Only when they arrive nothing goes as planned. Cassie decides to get a job. Her boss, Jacob West will need more convincing that Cassie is the right woman for the job.

Love's Sweet Journey is the third book in the Sisters at Heart series. This book can be read as a stand alone novel. I instantly fell in love with Cassie. She was not wilting flower. She has a back bone and was not afraid to stand up for what she wanted. While I know this book was about the romance between Cassie and Jacob, I did not feel the connection. Well not right away. In fact they hardly interacted in any romantic way until about mid-way of the story.

Also to be honest, I was so glad when Cassie's mother disappeared for a while in the story. She was uptight and unfriendly. She got on my nerves. Overall another winner for Mrs. Shorey.



Bambi meet and fell in love with Felix. They got married and had children. Everything was good except for one small detail. Felix has a mistress. Felix disappears before he can face prison. Bambi thought that he left with his mistress. That is until ten years to the day that Felix disappeared that his mistress is found dead buried in a park. Now, it is up to Detective Sandy to figure out what happened to Felix and his mistress.
It has been a little while since I have read a book by this author. I was in the mood for a good mystery book. While I did like this book, I was not in love with it or the characters. Maybe it is because of Felix or that the women in Felix's life were not that intriguing. I kind of drifted along reading this book. What I mean by this is that after reading about a third of the way into this book, I sort of skimmed parts to make it go faster. I did not feel like I missed anything of great importance by doing this. However I must admit that Bambi did surprise me in the end and had me cheering for her. She was smart. Although, I do have to say that I did think the back and forth from past to present was smooth.



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THE TASTE OF APPLE SEEDS tells the story of young librarian Iris Berger. When Iris's grandmother dies, Iris is surprised to learn that she has inherited the house–a house she has not been in since her cousin Rosmarie's tragic death fifteen years before. But from her first step inside, the painful memories—and family secrets—instantly come flooding back. Allowing herself a week-long stay, she’ll ultimately have to decide this family treasure’s fate: keep it or sell it. As Iris reminisces, she comes to realize the choice won’t be so simple, for her grandmother’s cottage is an enchanting place where currant jam tastes of tears, sparks fly from fingertips, love’s embrace makes apple trees blossom, and the darkest family secrets never stay buried.

While trying to remember—and forget—Iris chances upon an old childhood friend who might just be the answer she is looking for. With a hint of magical realism, seamless flashbacks and a narrative take on three generations of women and love, Hagena’s gorgeous writing touches each of the senses in a charming way. Readers will fall under the spell of THE TASTE OF APPLE SEEDS and discover the amazing vulnerability and resilience of the human spirit. This is a story of heartbreak, hope, and friendship, and one that will be passed down through the generations.

THE TASTE OF APPLE SEEDS is available now at Amazon | B&N | iTunes | IndieBound

My review

Iris's grandmother dies. She splits everything she owns to Iris's mother, her aunts, and Iris. Iris gets her grandmother's house. Iris decides to stay at her grandmother's house for one week and after that week she will decide if she will keep the house or sell it. Iris is visited by an friend of the family. His name is Herr Lexow. He drops a bomb on Iris regarding her family. He then proceeds to tell her the story. One that will give Iris a real, good insight look into the history of her family.

I tried really hard to want to like this book but I could not get into it. I found that for me the story did not get going until chapter 4. Even than it was hard for me to stick with it. I felt the flow was not there. Herr would start to tell the story and then Iris would interrupt with her thoughts. Also, there is the fact that I realized later that I was not sharing a connection with anyone in the book and therefore could not continue on this journey any longer.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014


I picked up a copy of this book because it sounded very intriguing. I have to tell you that after reading this book that I was a little sad when I finished it. Mr. Levine has a really good talent for telling a spelling bounding story with such depth and character development.

I instantly was in love with Hyde. I never saw him as a villain but more as a humanitarian. In fact, I liked him so much that when Hyde would disappear and Jekyll took over, I was slightly disappointed. The ending did not come as too much of a great surprise to me. It was easy to put all the pieces together on what was going to happen. This book is on the dark side of human nature. I cannot wait to read the next book by Mr. Levine.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Frances Irvine had no one except for her father after the death of her mother. Her father tried to do the best for Frances, even getting her a governess to teach her how to be a proper lady. However Frances had to figure out what to do with herself after her father's death. He made some bad decisions by putting his money into stocks for the railroads. It went bust and now Frances has nothing. Frances receives an marriage offer to Dr. Edwin Matthews. Frances does not love Edwin but it will get her away to a new location and that is what Frances wants. She travels to South Africa. Along the way she meets the dashing William Westbrook. Frances must decide between her commitment to Edwin or romance with William.

I liked this book. Frances really grew as a person. She did start out weak but with enough time, she blossomed. From the beginning I could not stand William. I found him off putting. So for me I could not believe that Frances could fall for William. In fact, it was kind of awkward when he kissed Frances. Afterwards I kind of skimmed over anything having to do with William. Also, for the first half of the story, Edwin was like the invisible man. So I could not envision him and Frances together either. Luckily for me what I enjoyed the most about this book was not the romance but the location. I liked Frances and everything that she encountered in South Africa.

About the Author:
Jennifer McVeigh, who has herself traveled to remote areas of Southern and East Africa, also drew on first hand accounts of life in colonial South Africa, as well as nineteenth century guidebooks and women’s magazines, in order to infuse Frances Irvine’s experiences with arresting verisimilitude. I hope you agree that the end result is a beautifully-wrought novel that deserves to be brought to the attention of readers.  

The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons Blog Tour

About the Book:


Keeping a sex demon happy and sexually satisfied is always the safest option, even if Cy has his own relationship issues. When saving the world on a regular basis, a happy home is important, especially when mixing human, fae princes and a starving sex demon.

Purchase your copy at AMAZON

Purchase your copy at Loose ID

Discuss this book in our PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads by clicking HERE


About the Author:


Angela Fiddler wrote her first erotic novel as a birthday present to a friend who had requested kneeling and vampires.  While the vampires come and go in the story, the kneeling remains.  Angela likes smut, dark humor and stories that mix erotica with raw emotion.  She talks about writing and her characters at


Her latest book is the paranormal erotica, The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons.

Connect & Socialize with Angela!

Title: The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons
Author: Angela Fiddler
Publisher: Loose Id
Pages: 180
Language: English
Genre: Paranormal Erotica
Format: eBook

Purchase at AMAZON

Keeping a sex demon happy and sexually satisfied is always the safest option, even if Cy has his own relationship issues. When saving the world on a regular basis, a happy home is important, especially when mixing human, fae princes and a starving sex demon.


Book Excerpt:


When rotten fish and bile smell of the ambergris met… well, you know what sulfur smells like, the whole sky lit as fragrantly as it did brightly. Just like the old days. Evil came in different flavors but it all smelled badly. I was ready for whatever came out of that cloud. But the only threat was a different kind of bad smell. My agents replaced three quarters of the whale vomit with earwax at the source to cut costs. We didn’t know it would also save the world.


 My boyfriend, Patrick, had insisted the bad guys would now the difference and that I was risking my life to make the switch, but the person picking up the ambergris from my agent hadn’t known what it was supposed to look or smell like either. I wasn’t even supposed to be here. My brilliant planning was supposed to have helped out my team, not me, personally.


 After the sky fizzled out, the warlock had exploded in a billion, billion...billion? I had no idea. I wasn't a physicist, I was an apocalypse stopper. Calculating how many photons contained within whatever warlock the Internet coughed up this week wasn’t in my job description. No scientist would ever read my paperwork.


 I was retired from active duty. I was only supposed to administrate the real apocalypse stoppers. I'd been out scouting for possible altar locations when the world-ending had started early. The exploded warlock had been as surprised as I was until he had been unmade.


 And he took my company car with him.


 When the apocalypse had started, my first thought had been oh, good.


 Patrick was going to kill me.


 The cow walking along side me looked as though nature has squared off her body. If cartoon physics were correct her cross-sections would look like T-bone steaks. The highway I walked beside stretched on ribbons, rolling over the endless hills in the high country. The cow had been following me for a while just on the other side of the barbed wire fence. Three hours of constant adrenaline had left my fine-reasoning skills somewhat stripped, but I was fairly sure it wasn’t a threat. It reached the end of the fenced in field and regurgitated some cud.


 I wanted breakfast, too. My back hurt, my shins ached, and the dried mud on the legs of my suit added twenty pounds to each step. My boss had even forced me to wear dress shoes to the stupid meet-and-greet that had turned into a scream-and-run.


 Another red car appeared in the distance, but I didn’t get my hopes up. Because the high powers above loved to mock my life choices, the last three cars that appeared in the past hour had all been small, two-seaters, and red.


 It bobbed up and down on the ribbons.  I had a blister on the back of my foot. I wanted to stop walking, but that would almost guarantee the car wasn’t Patrick’s.


 On the last rise, the turn signals came on, and the car started slowing down. Patrick had a meeting with one of the major charm-makers in town. He’d been worried about it for weeks, but once the rogue warlock who was sourcing his hanged-man pancreas through craigslist had run out of his ambergris, the hell-fire had stopped. The warlock had brought a full truck’s worth of sulfur, but without enough of the catalyst ambergris, it fizzed out before summoning even a hell-puppy, forget a hell-beast. Exploding into subatomic particles was an easier death than having a summoned-but-not-contained denizen of hell munching on parts of you from a watching-your-own-death happen perspective.

We had a lot of specific terms in our business. We used a lot of dashes.


 Patrick and I had been together for five years, and yet when I asked him if I had woken him up just before dawn before his biggest meeting of the year, he lied and told me he’d been awake the whole time. I wouldn’t have lied to him.


 Patrick slowed down, but didn’t stop, so neither did I. He didn’t unroll the window until I couldn’t pretend my shoes weren’t hurting my feet which every step.


“Get in the car, Cy,” Patrick said.


 He drove on another couple feet and stopped, so I still had to limp to get in. He didn’t even wait for me to do up my seatbelt before he pulled the sports car into a U-turn. I’d been on a single lane highway, but the tiny car had no problem completing the circle on the road with its tiny wheel base.



 The silence was worse than the million questions he had every right to ask me. He didn’t ask. I wanted to crack a window to let some of the tension out, but it wouldn’t actually affect the air pressure.


 Neighborhoods surged beyond the city limits like massive muffin tops. Some groups subdivisions were love handles by now. Calgary needed a bigger edge to contain everything inside of it. “Have you eaten?” Patrick asked.


  “I’ll grab something at the house.”


  “I’m not dropping you off at the house. I have to be in at the university in twenty minutes. There’s a C-train station there.”


 My feet were killing me. I just wanted to go home, and I’d bought the fucking car. I put my head against the back of the seat. “I’ll get a cab.”


 Patrick exhaled, sharply. I hadn’t meant anything at all by wanting to hire a car to take me home.


“What wrong?”


“You promised me you were going to be in a supervisory position. In what role is the supervisor supposed to be involved in a standard apocalypse prevention attempt? You have minions. They should have singed eyebrows right now, not you.”


 I reached up to touch my face. Mud flaked off. I would get the car detailed, but I  didn’t really have the time, which meant Patrick would have to get it done for me, which meant he was cleaning up after my mess again. We’d just had that talk. So that meant he’d do it for me. I wondered if it had occurred to him not to answer the phone when I called. “It was just supposed to be a dry run. He just recited his incantations better than most. As far as we knew—"


  “Do not sit there and tell me that you have a clue as to what your boss knows. It’s far more like Ms. Gwen to know it was supposed to be tonight all along than it is that this was all just a misunderstanding.”


 Patrick swung into a fast-food restaurant parking lot. “You normally call your demon when you get into shit and you don’t want me to know about it. Was he not picking up?”

 I flushed. August was my sex demon. He’d been given to me at the end of a successful job back when Patrick and I had two separate addresses. It had been after the house fire so technically I had an address, but no place to live.


 Patrick had bright red hair. When I met him, his arms and legs had been too long for his body in a way that I found adorable. He moved with coils of energy. In the past five years he’d left his early twenties behind and he finished filling out all the way. Now everything looked in perfect proportion.


  “I got you coffee,” Patrick said, motioning to the white coffee container in the two-cup holder. It hadn’t been sipped from either.” Alarm bells went off. “What, do you think I poisoned it?”  


“No,” I said truthfully. But he would have had to do something to it, or he would have sipped on it on the way out of the city. Patrick hated mornings.  He grabbed it and took a big swallow. “Happy?”



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Sunday, February 2, 2014

R Is for Rebel

After ending her long time relationship, Abigail is ready to figure out what she wants from her life. She knows it is not jet plane rides, glamourous clothing, or living in a castle. This is not the attitude you would expect from a Princess. There is one thing for sure that Abigail wants and that is multi millionaire, Eliot.

Eliot can not stop thinking about Abigail. He wants her. However he wants her forever as in being his wife. He knows that is not what Abigail wants. Yet, he can not be without her, even if she will break his heart.

R is for Rebel is the latest book in the Unruly Royals series. I have not read the prior novels but I had no problems jumping right into this book. Well to be honest, it did take me a moment or two to figure out what was happening in the beginning. What I mean by this is that Abigail had already met and formed an attraction to Eliot. There was no lead up to their meet and greet. However, I liked this book a lot that I want to go back and read the three prior ones.

I liked Abigail and Eliot's relationship. It was very grown up. Which is what Abigail was needing in her life. I had an instant connection with Eliot from the beginning. He was genuine. I have to admit though that I did not find Abigail to be that "wild". I was expecting from the title of this book for her to be a bad girl. She was more of a wannabe bad girl. Overall I thought this was a fun book.