Princess Natoree and the Tree Climber

Princess Natoree was friends with all the children outside of the kingdom including a boy named Matura. Matura used a crutch but that did not stop him from still playing with Natoree and the rest of the children. However her father the king, did not like Natoree playing with all the children. He was just trying to protect Natoree. As the years passed Natoree grew up but she had no friends. Her father determined it was time that Natoree think about marriage. So he decided to hold a contest. One involving strength. Whichever boy can climb the tallest tree in the kingdom will win Natoree's hand in marriage. Many boys tried but failed. There is one more boy who steps up to the challenge. His name is Matura. Everyone remembers him with his crutch. Matura surprises everyone and wins.

What a cute book this was. I liked Natoree and Matura. Even if I did not get to know Matura as well. What I did get to know of him, is that he had heart. Bigger then himself. Natoree was a kind princess. While I understood Natoree's father wanting to protect her, I did find him a little unpleasing. He pushed away all of Natoree's friends. This book is a short read. Also the words are short and simple so that the young children can read this book by themselves. The pictures are bright and leap off the pages, while not being too clustered with tons of details. I would recommend this book to the young readers as well as the young at heart. A good message is portrayed in this story.


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