Telling Tales

Allie, Kitty, Wade, and Cameron are all members of the Candy Club. A long time ago, they used to spend long weekends at Professor Warren's mansion. They would spend their time telling stories (all good but naughty). So it was not really a surprise when the professor died and left the mansion to the group. The Candy Club decides to go to the mansion for some story time and maybe more.

I have read many, many erotic novels. While all of them pretty much have the same theme, there are always something about these books that could make them a little different or extra steamy. Well sadly, if this book was steamy I won't know. I only got to chapter two and had to put it down. There was no substance in regards to a good storyline. Also, I was not feeling any of the characters what so ever. Everyone was just so horny that they could not turn it off. Which was a turn off.

If you want to listen to a brief part from this book, go here


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