R Is for Rebel

After ending her long time relationship, Abigail is ready to figure out what she wants from her life. She knows it is not jet plane rides, glamourous clothing, or living in a castle. This is not the attitude you would expect from a Princess. There is one thing for sure that Abigail wants and that is multi millionaire, Eliot.

Eliot can not stop thinking about Abigail. He wants her. However he wants her forever as in being his wife. He knows that is not what Abigail wants. Yet, he can not be without her, even if she will break his heart.

R is for Rebel is the latest book in the Unruly Royals series. I have not read the prior novels but I had no problems jumping right into this book. Well to be honest, it did take me a moment or two to figure out what was happening in the beginning. What I mean by this is that Abigail had already met and formed an attraction to Eliot. There was no lead up to their meet and greet. However, I liked this book a lot that I want to go back and read the three prior ones.

I liked Abigail and Eliot's relationship. It was very grown up. Which is what Abigail was needing in her life. I had an instant connection with Eliot from the beginning. He was genuine. I have to admit though that I did not find Abigail to be that "wild". I was expecting from the title of this book for her to be a bad girl. She was more of a wannabe bad girl. Overall I thought this was a fun book.


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