This book is a "Keeper".

A damp, dark cellar holds two cages. And for the women behind the bars, their worst nightmares are about to come true . . .

When Louise Russell goes missing from her home, D.I. Sean Corrigan from South London's Murder Investigation Unit immediately senses foul play. For Corrigan's own dark childhood has given him the ability not only to recognize evil in those who prey upon the innocent, but also to see a crime scene from the eyes of the perpetrator.

Though Corrigan has no doubts that Louise was taken against her will, he believes she's still alive. But time is running out, especially when a body is found dumped in the woods--a woman who's a dead ringer for Louise. How long before Louise's captor gets tired of her and replaces her with another lookalike? How long before they find Louise's corpse next?

Now, in order to track a psychopath, Corrigan must place himself in the mind of a killer. For it is only there that the twisted secrets of a murderer lie.

My Review

I picked up this book because it was one in the genre that I really liked. I did not know that this was book two in a series. Not that it mattered. This book may be the second one featuring D.I. Sean Corrigan but it can be read as a stand alone novel. This book brings me back to why I love this genre. It is dark, the mystery is high, good investigative research work, a menacing serial killer, and a good ending. Even though the identity of the killer was known right in the beginning of the story, what he did to Louise and his motive was what kept my attention. Than there was Corrigan. He is a complex character. What he brings to the story with his abilities is great. The fact that the author has experience with what he is writing helps to really leads to him and gives the author a upper hand. He made the story come alive. I was right with Corrigan and Louise the whole way until the end. This book is a "Keeper".


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