Basil Instinct (Miracolo Mysteries)

This series is shaping up to be a really funny and one of my favorite series currently around. I already fell in love with Maria and Eve but I have fallen for them more with this book. Also, another person that I like is Eve's cousin, Landon. I can't remember if he was in the first book but he is making sure he stands in the spotlight this time.

When Eve and Landon found the dead body of their sous chef and hide it, I could not help but laugh. Then when Eve showed the body to her boyfriend, Joe, it almost was a Weekend at Bernie's moment. I just realized what Eve and Joe remind me of. They are kind of like Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. Eve just moves to the beat of her own drum and sometimes finds herself in over her head. Luckily for her Joe is around to get her out of the predicament that she finds herself in. Which always makes for laughs. I really liked the mystery in this book and the idea of a secret chef cooking society that includes members getting an exclusive tattoo. Which Eve's grandmother, Maria did get. I can't tell you what it is or I might have to kill you. You will just have to get a copy of this book for yourself to learn what it is. You will not be disappointed.


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