Enjoying some Hot Chocolate

Review by Nancy

Take an old coot, his three horribly spoiled daughters, one druggy grand daughter , the local sheriff and add in one blonde named…..Bambi. Stir up with astrology and chocolate by a gazillion bars and you have a bit of a clue what Hot Chocolate is about.

The sisters Alcott feel it’s time for Daddy to leave the family manse and stay with folks his own age.

They think he’s going to be upset but he is excited about seeing women he can flirt with. After all, he only has one at home – his nurse, Bambi. Bambi is married to the town tough guy who has stashed all the money he’s ever made. Bambi just doesn’t know this. When someone kills Jimmie Roy; Bambi is an instant millionaire (ess?) which may be a good thing as she seems to be expecting.

Who killed Jimmie Rae? Everyone in town could be suspect. His employees adore him but he treats his life like his dog and most folks didn’t cross him if they could avoid it.

The sisters, Lila Mae, Madge and Dorothea are typical ladies of money. They spend it if they want, all three drive Bentleys and all three are unhappy in their own ways. Lila Mae lives by astrology and is dating the Sheriff, Madge is eldest, most protective of here sisters but even she has a stopping point and it has been crossed. Dorothea is the Baby, always getting her way and has taken care of Daddy for a long time.

Jimmie Ray was stabbed with one of Dorothea’s dinner forks. Bambi isn’t the only one “in the family way” and Daddy is having one helluva time in his new digs. You have got to read this book! Even murder is funny here!!


Teddy Rose said…
Thanks again for taking part in the tour. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book!

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