Bacterium... This is a must-read!

Review by Nancy

What if you could get rid of everyone who bugged you? Teased you? Made your life miserable? What if YOU could own Earth and everything left on it? Tempting? I’d say so! This is the plan of Andre Ferguson and friends. Frenemies might be a better word, actually. Andre has developed the best chemical ever: an anthrax mutation linked to a flesh-dissolving bead which will not only kill you but get your body out of the way in a day or so.

Andre wants to be THE GUY. And he is for awhile. One small problem – not everyone on Earth died. Oh, he’d made sure some people lived to act as “gatherers” for himself and friend Jim but that was all. Except…..he hadn’t exposed everyone. Derek Silverman an d wife Sveta somehow missed getting infected. Their baby daughter was and she died, but they were left to mourn and try to figure out what had happened.

When Andre finds that Derek and Sveta are alive he sends several groups out to kill them. After all, Earth isn’t his unless Derek and wife die, now is it? Unfortunately, Derek has no plans to dies. He somehow finds ways outfox everyone Andre sends until Sveta, injured and on a table resting accidentally sets her foot on a corpse and catches the disease as well.

This story will not only entertain you but scare the hell out of you. I cannot imagine a scarier thought than everyone in the world dying! It’s brought to life right here in Bacterium and in fine fashion. This is a must-read for all you end-of-the-worlders and anyone who is interested in chemistry at its deadliest.

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Unknown said…
Interesting premise. Not sure I'd enjoy the book, though.
Carol said…
Sounds like it would freak me out way too much!
Julie said…
Yes! I LOVE books that really scare; thanks for putting this one on my list!

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