No Holly for Christmas

Review by Nancy

Last Christmas hadn’t been ideal for Holly Winter and her family. She expected a wonderful gift from her husband – she got divorce papers instead. Then, in a fit of anger he dropped dead from a heart attack. She was out of a loveless marriage to an attorney and all should have been well but he had spent all their savings on other women and the leftovers were hidden somewhere that no one could turn up.

Brian McAlister didn’t want to be part of the DA’s office. His time in court was usually spent as a defense attorney (one of the best) but his father was very ill and he fulfilled his promise by stepping in on one of Dad’s cases that had stalled. His partner, Margo, was straight spoken but not straight and when they found out her sister, Holly, had taken care of one of their leads they were off to the hospital to invade her space.

An outright crook was trying to evade the law and doing a grand job until his co-horts started making mistakes. One person was supposed to be dead but wasn’t, one person escaped and that’s when Malcolm Holland called in the big guns and they were gunning for Holly and McAlister.

An up-all-nighter! Excellent writing and characters, a great plot and a word of caution: Do not start this as bedtime reading if you have to be up at 6:00! This one is a keeper.

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Julie N Ford said…
I loved your synopsis of No Holly for Christmas! Thank you for being a part of this tour. I hope you have a great Holiday Season :)
Julie N Ford

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