Invisible Snow

Review by Nancy

Katie Snow was the ONE. The ONE to ski better than anyone else, the ONE to leave the family home and town and…the ONE Paul Delacroix wanted more than any other woman he had seen (and he’d seen many). At age 19, a decade younger than her husband, Katie just gave up. She let Paul bask in his own ego, she made his life simple and she raised her children as she felt they should be. Not as spoiled brats of one of the richest men in the world but as good, Mormon children who had goals and good lives with mom.

Paul was never there. He has affairs upon affairs and while Katie probably knew deep-down she didn’t believe it due to Paul’s, shall we say, difficulties. Yep, Katie was always there, always smiling and cooperating, no matter how odd some of her husband’s requests were or how untimely. And then one day, somewhere she shouldn’t have been, Katie found a letter from a divorce attorney to Paul. She stopped playing along, she went to counseling and some of the things she discovered about herself and her family rocked her to the core.

This novel is a large one and, when I read those, usually I try to see where some things could be cut to make it a tad shorter. Not this one. No cutting because you will want to read every line. What an excellent novel for sitting by the fire on a chilly evening or two. You will love this book!

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