It's a Waverly Life

Waverly and her friends are dealing with married life and new relationships. For Waverly, this is scary. Jake McIntyre is the first serious guy that Waverly has dated since her fiancé broke up with her. The stress of not wanting to mess things up with Jake is getting to Waverly and making her push Jake away. As if that was not enough. Waverly has to deal with a new job.

It’s a Waverly Life is book two of the Waverly Bryson books. I would recommend reading Perfect on Paper first. This book is focused on the after effects of what happened in the first one.

I didn’t find myself laughing as much in this book as I did with the first one but I still had a good time reading it. I loved Jake. I keep thinking he can not be a man but a saint to put up with Waverly. Waverly reminds me of Lucille Ball. Always finding herself inserting her foot or in some cases both feet into her mouth. I have to admit that while Waverly’s
Joke was corny, I liked it.

Here it is:

“There are two peanuts walking down a dark street.”
“And one of them is assaulted” (Assaulted as in a salted)

Ok, you can groan now.

I read that Ms. Murnane is working on book three of the Waverly books. I can not wait to read it.


The Bookworm said…
Hi Cheryl. I haven't been here in so long!
I liked the first Waverly book and have been eyeing this one. Glad to hear it was good as well.
Cheryl said…
Hey Naida, Yeah, I need to stop by your blog as well. Yes, you need to check out this book if you liked the first one.

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