Shades of Green will keep you up all night

Something strange is happening in the town of Holburn. People are acting violent.

Damien Tyler was out in the woods with some friends. One of the other guys, Tony wants to go find Alan and Jennifer. While walking, Damien comes upon some little kids. It isn’t the children that Damien find odd but the fact that they are not sad of Damien or surprised to find him in the woods. Damien goes on his way. He is greeted by a scary creature made of ants. This creature is the first of many new inhabitants of Holburn. By the time Damien and a few other town folks realize what is going on, it is too late or is it?

I have to admit that when I first started reading this book it was rough going for me. There was no lead up to what was happening. It just came at you right away. On the other hand, the surprise factor is what also makes this book. Shades of Green is kind of like something out of a Stephen King novel mixed with a cross of X-Files. This book takes you on a weird trip into a sci-fi reality. I didn’t get into the characters that much. Except for Damien really, most of the others were jerks. The strange things that were happening to people were a mind trip. Warning to the readers as the “f” word is used and some of the scenes are described in great, gory details. Shades of Green is not a book you will want to start reading right before bed as it will keep you up all night.


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