Goodnight Tweetheart and Contest

Abigail Donovan is down on her luck. It has been a while since her first novel was chosen as one of Oprah’s book picks. Now, Abigail can not even generate a crowd to her book signings. Instead she has been reduced to dressing up in a bunny costume and reading another author’s book to children.

If Abigail can not finish her latest book soon than she will be out of a job. Abigail’s agent signed Abigail up on Twitter. Abigail knows nothing about Twitter. It is not soon before she meets #MarkBaynard. Mark is a old pro on Twitter. Mark shows Abigail the ropes. Soon Abigail and Mark are carrying on conversations. Mark tells Abigail that he is a English professor on sabbatical. How much can Abigail trust of Mark?

The last third of this book was a complete surprise. I just knew something was up but I had no clue what it could be. I really felt a connection to Abigail and Mark. Abigail seemed a bit dorky but when she was chatting with Mark, her dorkiness was actually appealing. Mark was a sweetheart himself. He and Abigail shared a connection that was genuine. Most of this book was told in Twitter format. I myself don’t really know much about Twitter, though I have an account. After reading this book I just may have to check the Twitter world out some more. I loved this book. The ending was great. I would recommend this book. Goodnight Tweetheart is a must read!

Check out the Goodnight Tweetheart website

where you can find Exclusive Content including:

1) Deleted Tweets

2) All the photos Mark and Abby send to each other during the course of the story

3) A very special video I filmed in Central Park in New York City. You can also watch the video directly on YouTube here

4) An iTunes playlist for the book

5) An interactive map with all of Abby's favorite places on it

6) Special Contests

7) E-Cards you can send your own Tweetheart

8) Pictures of my cats Buffy the Mouse Slayer & Willow Tum-Tum, who make cameo appearances in the book ;)


If you're a member of a Reader's Group or Book Club, I've included Discussion Questions in the back of GOODNIGHT TWEETHEART and on the Exclusive TWEETHEART web page. There's also an exciting opportunity for you to request a phone call from me DURING your book club meeting!


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