Past Midnight

Charlotte Silver just wants to be known as a normal teenager. Unfortunately for Charlotte her wish will never come true. Her parents host a television reality show like “Ghost Hunters”. They travel from place to place investigating. Because Charlotte is not old enough to be on her own yet, she gets the pleasure of being dragged along and sometimes pitches in when her parents need an extra crew hand. Charlotte is known as Princess of the Paranormal, thanks to her parents thinking it would be cute to dedicate one of their books….To Charlotte…Princess of Paranormal.

After filming on location at a restaurant in Charleston, strange things start to happen to Charlotte. Charlotte starts experiencing cold chills and hears voices. It seems that somehow Charlotte’s parents awoke something paranormal at the restaurant. Now Charlotte has ghosts following her. Oh, what is a girl to do with a bunch of ghosts?

Past Midnight is book one in the Past Midnight series. I thought this was a pretty good book to the start of what seems like will be a interesting series. There were not any really scary moments, which I was a bit disappointed in but than again I had to remind myself that this book is geared towards teens. Which than I thought the level of scariness was just right. Charlotte is someone that the younger readers can relate. This book did not just focus on ghosts but was part mystery too. While, I was not in love with this book, I did enjoy reading it and will probably check out the next book, One Hundred Candles.


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