Check out...Do Unto Others

French author, Gael Chatelain emailed me to let me know about their second novel., Do Unto Others

Do Unto Others » is the story of two women, one of 30 years old, the other, 40 years old. The older one makes the young arrested at the beginning and we do not really know why. Through the story of the life of the young one, and today’s life of the 40 years old one, I tried to talk about women, and how hard it is, as a woman, to live in our world… working, loving, existing !

Certainly, the value is something subjective, especially BEFORE you read a novel. Here I want to show that a writer can exist without going through the gauntlet of a system leaving little room for young authors.

I hope you will have the time and curiosity to take a look.
To read this book for free, click, on the link above. Enjoy


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