The Vera Wright Trilogy

Seventeen Vera Wright had other plans for her life than going to college like her parents had dreamed for her. Vera drops out of school and becomes a nurse in the military. This new direction in Vera’s life brings on many interesting circumstances that Vera never imagined. Along the way Vera grows up into a wonderful woman, mother and wife.

It is a shame that Ms. Jolley has passed away as I did enjoy this trilogy. This trilogy is an autobiographical novel that spans from the 130s to the 150s. You could feel the passion that Ms. Jolley had writing this stories. Through the course of this book you got to see Vera grow up and become a strong woman, though all that she experienced. This is a plus because most of everything Vera went through was taken from experiences that author, Jolley experienced herself. At almost 600 hundred pages, I read this book with ease. Vera went on an adventure and found love along the way. I plan to check out more of Elizabeth Jolley’s prior work.


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