Ecstasy Unveiled

Lore is a seminus half-breed demon and assassin. He kills with no remorse. That is why he is good at his job. There is just one problem. Lore has attacks where if he goes too long without sex than he could die.

Idess is an angel. She watches over and protects humans. Her latest human is wanted by Lore. Lore’s master has sent him to kill the human. Idea will do anything to protect the human, every if it means giving up her vow for chastity.

Ecstasy Unveiled is the latest Demonica novel in this series. I have only read book two and four so far but I have enjoyed both books a lot. This is one urban fantasy series that readers need to discover if they haven’t already. The men are hot and the women are strong and sexy. The concept of good versus evil portrayed in this was with Lore being a demon and Idess an angel was good. I hope to see Lore and Idess again sometime. I like that I have something other to read in this genre than vampires. Not to say that there is anything wrong with vampire stories but they can get old quick. I am slowly becoming a fan of demons. Thanks to authors like Larissa Ione.


naida said…
This sounds very good! It reminds me of the Lords of the Underworlds series.

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