Future Hope

Major David Sanders will be embarking on a one in a lifetime opportunity. He has been chosen by the Interdimensional Transport Protocol (ITP) to fly into space and seek out new resources for the people on Earth to survive. Major Sanders is known as the bad boy. Every thing he has been involved in has been unsuccessful. Major Sanders sees this as his time to make something of himself and become famous.

Dr. Deborah Tennyson works for ITP. She is also Major Sander’s lover. When Major Sanders disappears into orbit, she tries to come up with a way to locate and bring him home. How much longer can the people of Earth rely on their own ways before they are willing to accept someone bigger than them and look to a future of hope and new beginnings?

Future Hope is book one of the ITP series. To be honest I thought this book sounded good but I had my reserves about it. This is because this type of book is out of my normal reading genres. To my surprise, I actually liked this book. I could see where the author was going with this book. This story while it took place in the future, kind of hit on things that were happening in the real world at the present time. I knew who the creator was in this book and I thought Mr. Gelber did a good job keeping the lines between being too religious and stating the facts. While I did like this book, I thought the scenes where Major Sanders was involved were more interesting than what was happening in the rest of the book. I kind of skimmed over the rest of the parts that didn’t feature Major Sanders. For someone looking to break out of their normal genre, then you should give Future Hope a try.


doctorg said…
Thank you for your interest in my book.-David Gelber

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