Cruel Intent

Ali Reynolds is remodeling her new home. Things are going well till her contractor Bryan Forester becomes the number one suspect in the murder of his wife. Rumor has it that Mr. Forester is hurting for money. Ali doesn’t believe the rumors. In fact Ali does not believe Bryan is capable of murdering his wife. She plans to prove his innocence. In doing so, Ali has just marked herself as the next target.

Cruel Intent is the fourth book featuring ex-television journalist, Ali Reynolds. This book can be read as a stand alone novel. Cruel Intent is the first book I have read by Mrs. Janice, though she has written many novels. You could tell that Ali Reynolds still had the journalist in her. She had determination and a nose for not letting go of anything, even if it got her in trouble. Unfortunately, I found the rest of the characters as well as the story line somewhat lacking. While, this book started out on a high note, it moved slowly through out the rest of the book. There was enough of an interest in what J. A. Janice and her novels are about that I would be willing to give her books another try.


Book Bird Dog said…
I think Jance is a great suspense writer. Glad you found her books. This one sounds like a good one.

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