Midnight Revelations

I want to thank Karen M. Bence for sending me a copy of her book to review.

Sara, her husband, David and her son, Jack have just moved to Virginia. They have found the perfect house with lots and lots of acre for their horses. While out and about something catches Sara's eye. It is a large antique mirror. Sara walks into the antique shop and inquires about the mirror. The shop owner tells her that the mirror actually came from the house that she and her family just purchased. Sara buys the mirror and brings it home. That is when all of the strange things start to happen. First Sara sees a woman in the mirror, then Sara locates a locked diary. When her son has an accident, Sara seeks the help of the church hopefully that will be enough. There is something evil lurking in Sara's home and it wants her to know the truth but at what price?

Midnight Revelations by Karen M. Bence is book one in the Dark Whispers series. From the first page you will be drawn into Sara's world. It consists of evil presences, a mysterious man and the a desire to seek the truth. Ms. Bence's writing style is right on. Instantly you get an image of what she was trying to bring to the story. Sara is a very likable character. The storyline for the most part was good but for me I just wished the spook factor would have been turned up a few more notches. Other wise I had no problems with this book. So for anyone looking for a quick read, then you should give Midnight Revelations a try.


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