Hanging with Brian Rathbone

You may all remember a few weeks ago I featured my review on this book. It is a worth while read. Well I am happy to have Mr. Rathbone back as a guest.

I'd like to thank Cheryl for having me here today and I offer warm greetings to all of her readers.

Magic in the real world.

Though I am a writer of fantasy fiction, I have a scientific mind. When I created The World of Godsland fantasy series, I sought out magic in the real world. The things I found surprised me and inspired me. All around us are seemingly magical forces that often defy explanation and are seldom within our control. There is gravity and electromagnetism, the rotation of the planet and its effect on the weather, volcanism and so much more. It can be very exciting to find so many strange and wondrous phenomenon. There are years without summers, little ice ages, underground aquifers, ice caves, and even crystal caves.

Much of what occurs in The World of Godsland fantasy series is based on real science and physics, albeit sometimes loosely. I wanted to create a world that was magical and yet continued to make sense. I wanted magic and logic to fit more closely together, and I came up with a world much like our own, only with some extenuating circumstances; namely: a storm of comets.

Comets have always amazed me. They soar through space on a path all their own; seemingly random, yet predictable. Elliptical orbits send them far, far away until gravity pulls them back. I once read that comets could have been formed when planets drifted close enough to the Oort cloud for their gravity to yank free the ancient balls of ice and dirt and hurl them through the solar system. I imagined a large planet, driven by some massive collision, scudding along the edge of the Oort cloud and hurling an unbelievably massive stream of comets through space. Thus was born Istra, Goddess of the Night.

Following her elliptical orbit, Istra spends 3,000 years in deep space only to return to the skies over Godsland and cast the world into a 150-year cycle of Power. All knowledge gained during the last age of Power has been lost, and only vague prophecies remain. How the men and women of Godsland react to this amazing and threatening new time will determine the fate of mankind.If you look hard enough, you may find that magic is already all around you. And if you happen to find yourself reading The Dawning of Power, you may find yourself asking, "Could that really happen?" I'll leave it to you to decide.

Brian Rathbone


Mishel said…
I took two semesters of Astronomy recently and I think the universe is simply amazing. It definitely made me feel tiny and insignificant while learning what I had to. I find it fascinating that you took the "magic" of the universe and the real world and turned it into your fiction magic.

I'm really looking forward to reading The Dawning of Power.

Thanks for this post Cheryl 8)
Very cool...fantasy fiction is a great way to go. :)

Taylor J. Beisler
Anonymous said…









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Brian Rathbone said…

I'm glad to hear that you are intrigued by the concept of using real-world magic in fantasy. I used quite a few real phenomenon. Some are fairly obvious, but others are much more subtle. It should be interesting to see which ones people call me on.

Thanks! And thank you again to Cheryl for having me here.

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