Darling Jim

No one could have ever imagined that recluse Moira Hegarty could commit such a heinous crime. What the authorities found in Ms. Hegarty’s house is beyond words. The police discover three bodies including Moira’s. Moira died from several blows to the head that caused part of her skull to cave in. Another body of a young woman is found in an upstairs bedroom. She is holding a shovel in her hands. She was stabbed about nineteen times. As the police are clearing out the bodies; they locate the third body. This girl died slowly of malnutrition and internal poisoning. The identities of the two girls are twenty-four year old Fiona and her sister twenty-two year old Roisin Walsh. The disturbing part is that Moira are the girl’s aunt.

Niall, a mailman discovers a diary at the post office. It is written by Fiona. She writes about her and her sister’s time in the house and meeting a man named Jim. Jim is a travelling storyteller. He tells this tale of a prince and wolves. Fiona becomes spellbound by Jim but the closer Fiona gets to Jim, the more she realizes just how evil and sinister he really is. Just what exactly is Jim hiding and what drove Fiona, Roisin, and Moira to kill each other?

Darling Jim is author Christian Moerk’s debut novel. This is a dark, gothic, and memorizing tale. The way Jim’s story intertwined with the Walsh sisters and their aunt is very intriguing. There are not enough words to describe this book. Once you pick up this book and start reading, you will find yourself drawn into a world where are not who they seem and anything can happen. I dare you to try and learn what is real from fiction. I though Mr. Moerk did a fine job with Darling Jim. He definitely shows he can write and capture the reader’s attention. I look forward to seeing what Mr. Moerk comes up with next.


Bingo said…
WOW! I have seen this book around but first time I read about it...oooh, it sounds like a good one if you are up to that kind of book...I bet it kept your interest. Thanks for the good review!
Mishel said…
Not usually my cup o' tea but I'm definitely intrigued by your review 8)

P.S. An award awaits you here:

Becky LeJeune said…
An amazing book! I could not put this down. It's definitely going on my best of '09 list.
Luanne said…
Oh I'm going to put this one on my wishlist - it sounds deliously creepy!
carolsnotebook said…
Sounds fascinating, in a creepy kind of way. I'll have to add it to my list.

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