Fragile Eternity

Aislinn has become immortal, which means she is now a faery and the new Summer Queen. This would not have been possible if she and Keenan, the Summer Kind had not defeated Beira, the Winter Queen. Keenan is glad to have Aislinn as his queen. He has been waiting many centuries for his soul mate. The problem is that Aislinn does not feel the same way about Keenan. This is because her heart belongs to another. His name is Seth and he is a mortal. It tears Seth up inside to know that he can't be with Aislinn forever and that some day he will die and she will live on.

Sisters...Donia, Bananch, and Sorcha are up to no good. Bananch loves pain and suffering as she very well should. She represents war and destruction. She tells Donia that she needs to do something about Seth as he could cause problems for them all with his relationship to Aislinn. Donia agrees but does anyone listen to Besides she is a little too pre-occupied with Keenan. She and Keenan can't keep their hands off each other but as much as they want to be together they know that isn't possible. Winter and Summer just don't mix.

Fragile Eternity is the third book in the Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr. This is one series where you need to read the first book. I spent about the first third of the book trying to figure out who everyone was and what has transpired in the previous novel. Once I got all of the characters straightened out, I was able to sit back and really enjoy the story. The thing that most surprised me about this book was that it was a little on the dark side. I have no problems with that but it might be an issue with with some of the younger readers as this series is geared towards readers starting at age twelve and up. Plus the relationship between Aislinn and Seth is more grown up. There are some moments where it mentions them in bed together or Aislinn stripping her clothing off. I would suggest that if you are looking for a new author to read that you do give Melissa Marr a try as she won my heart over with Fragile Eternity. In fact I plan to go out and purchase the first book. Adults will enjoy this series as well. Come take a trip into Ms. Marr's world and see who comes out on top...good or evil.


Linda Jacobs said…
I'm sure my girls at school would love this one! They are so into the Twilight genre. I liked it, too, and will be on the lookout for this one.

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