The Devil's Daughter

Lucy Firr is a stunning beauty but watch it that you don’t make her mad. She has a temper like the devil, which just happens to be her father. Lucy makes a deal with her father that if she brings him a soul that in exchange, she wants her freedom. He agrees.

Lucy arrives in the town of Redemption. There she sets her sights on Jed Caine. Jed is still trying to figure out why he is even attending a wife’s action. He doesn’t want a wife but he does need someone to help take care of Maggie; his brother’s wife. Lucy convinces Jed that she is the woman for him. Lucy has played many parts before but never wife. This will be a new experience.

As much as Jed desires Lucy, he knows that the best place for her is far away from him. Lucy is used to getting her way and that includes having men fall for her charms. Lucy does love a challenge. She will do everything she can to claim Jed’s soul but is she ready for someone to claim her heart?

I read Dancing with the Devil, the second book that features Deacon, Lucy’s brother. I feel in love with the story so much that I just had to go out and buy The Devil’s Daughter right away. The in your face, sarcastic, laugh out loud comedy that Laura Drewry brings to her characters as well as her books…is why I fallen so hard for them. Who knew the devil’s children had a great sense of humor. I had a smile on my face when Jed informed Lucy that she would need to start a fire using buffalo chips, as I can remember as a little girl, going out and collecting cow pies as well as buffalo chips to start my own fire, when camping. I can’t wait to read more by Laura Drewry.


Becky LeJeune said…
I'm nominating you for a Butterfly.

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