Gilding Lily

Happy Labor Day to everyone. Hopefully no one had to labor too much this holiday weekend. If you did sorry but do know though that you are not alone. Lily in Gilding Lily had to deal with her own labor pains. Read about them in my review.

Lily Bartholomew lived the sweet life. She was the ultimate “It” girl that everyone wanted to be seen with. That was about thirty pounds and a million diaper changes ago. Now Lily is married; recently gave birth to a healthy, happy boy named Will and can no longer fit into a size 2. Lily and her husband, Robert loves each other very much except for the other woman in the picture. This woman knows Robert inside and out, she’s rich and powerful as well as a force to be reckoned with and she’s causing havoc on Lily and Robert’s marriage. So just who is this woman? She is none other then Robert’s mother…Josephine. She is considered to be one of the creams of the crop women in New York’s high society.

Lily is ready to be back on top again. But it will be a long, windy and frustrating road ahead. Apparently though there are certain rules you need to be aware of if you are going to be an “It” girl in high society. They consist of being able to wear a size 2, owning all of the top designers clothing (but heaven forbid you have to pay full price for them), your worth is only as good as how many photographers want to take your picture and never ever call the beach “The Hamptons”.

The first thing I have to say about Gilding Lily is …….Fantastic, Bravo, Magnificent! I have not had so much fun and enjoyment from reading a book in a long time. Books like Gilding Lily only come around every once in a while and when they do they are a pleasure. You would think someone like Lily, who has lots of money, would be spoiled and annoying but she was neither. In fact she was very warm-hearted and caring, which made me fall in love with her as a character. Gilding Lily is a quick read. Author, Tatiana Boncompagni is dressed to impress with her first book Gilding Lily. I look forward to many more books from this great author.

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Anonymous said…
Great review. Normally a book like this wouldn't appeal to me, but you made it sound sooooo good!
Becky LeJeune said…
I was curious about this one. I'm glad you posted the review, it sounds like fun.

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