Book Review: Invitation to Hell


Invitation To Hell is a fast paced novella that stands as the prequel to a massive mixed mythology series.

What if, all you've ever known was ripped away from you ...
You were thrown into a world full of the same creatures that have haunted your nightmares for years. Magic, and the Gods are no longer a myth, but a part of your destiny.

Now, you're about to lose everything and everyone you love to an evil King known as the Devourer of Souls.

Then, there's Hades' son...
The ruthless Prince that drives you crazy and thinks you are a waste of his time.
You can't stand him, but he has been instructed to protect you, so now you have to deal with his arrogance on top of everything else.

The two of you must travel across the Realms to find a way to stop King Lucius before all is lost and you still don't even know how to use your newly awakened power.

Well, this should be fun.

Trigger Warnings:
This book is intended for an adult audience.
Reader Discretion is advised.

- Contains Violence and blood
- A situation or two implies unwanted sex (only implies, no scene actually happens)
- Sexual Content/Sex
- Adult language
- grief, anxiety, loss of loved one, touches on mental health problems

My Review

I really enjoyed this prequel. This is a quick read as it is a novella but there can be a fine line with novellas. As they are short, the author has to give enough detail to get the reader excited to read other books by the author or in this case the next book in this series. I thought that Amber did a really good job of doing just this. One Invitation to Hell...Yes, please!

There were a few twists thrown in that I was not expecting. Additionally, I loved the characters. There is Kali, who is one of the main characters and the reason that Asmodeus, son of Hades has come to the mortal world. He is here to take Kali to Helheim realm. I loved how Kali did not easily fall for Asmo's charm and even managed to push some of his buttons. Although, things did heat up between these two. Which I can't wait to see how it progresses in the next book in this series. Also, excited to learn more about Kali's sisters Rhode and Eirene.


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