Book Review: Beastly Brothers: Carnival of Sin


Scarlett Matthews is a criminally introverted twenty-something, but her best friend and confidant won’t allow it to continue. Claiming sure insanity, Scarlett allows Rachel to take her to the traveling carnival of sin stopped in their town. What Scarlett finds there, however, sets her on a path as far from the one she’d been on as possible. As she lets down her walls and allows herself to explore, will she ever be the same? Or will the carnival show her a piece of herself she never knew existed and completely spin her onto a new path?

Ivan and Leonidas Beastly are the proud heirs and operators of The Carnival of Sin. It’s changed since their father died, of course. Catering now to the depravity that sells, sex. One implausible encounter will entangle their destinies with one female both brothers will fall for desperately. Will they be able to step out of one another’s way? Or will Scarlett damn them both as they lose all their father worked so hard to build?

This traveling carnival is like none you’ve visited before. Between these covers are magic, mayhem, and the mystical arts. Snuggle in tight, draw the blinds, and dive into the breathtaking carnival of sin.

My Review

Scarlett is one very lucky woman. She really opened up and became comfortable in her own skin. Oh, and the sinful pleasures that she discovered with brothers, Leonidas and Ivan. Ivan is so morally grey that I love him so much. He and Leo could not be more different. However, Leo that does not mean that Leo did not win my heart as well. 

I have read many books by K.M. and loved every single one of them. Every time she comes out with a new book, I have to read it. I was so ready to read this book, but I was left unprepared for how spicy this book was. Sign me up for the carnival of sin. The Beastly Brothers Carnival of Sin is one hot tamale read! 


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