Book Review: Timelock


An innocent man. A radical punishment. The clock is ticking . . .

With crime rampant in the near future, the President authorizes a hugely controversial program: TimeLock, a cellular acceleration process whereby select prisoners are instantly aged the total number of years of their sentence. In other words-three strikes and you’re old . . . very old.

Despite ongoing public outcries, two years later the program is up and running and crime is already on the decline. But what happens if you’re innocent?

Falsely convicted of murder, 23-year-old Morgan Eberly is sentenced to be aged 40 years in a TimeLock capsule. Then fate intervenes-halfway through his processing, protesters opposed to the program infiltrate the prison and Morgan, suddenly 20 years old, manages to escape.

Terrified and on the run, Morgan enlists the help of Janine Price, the FBI agent who arrested him. With dark and powerful forces on their trail, the unlikely pair investigate murders of ex-prisoners who were transformed by the TimeLock and soon discover the unthinkable reason they were all eliminated-and why Morgan is certain to be next.

Fighting for their lives and falling in love, Morgan and Janine set out to bring TimeLock down in one final desperate gambit. Can they unlock the truth about TimeLock before it’s too late?

My Review

The concept of this book is very intriguing. I could see it as a form of capital punishment in the future. Maybe not near future but it is at least thought provoking. This would make a really good television show that I would watch. It has plenty of intrigue and action to keep the story interesting. In addition, it moved at a really good fast pace. 

Morgan is the type of person that has you cheering for him. You want him to come out on top. Janine and Morgan work well together. There is another duo that started out as enemies like this. That would be Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive. Harrison was on the run to prove his innocence and Tommy was on his trail to catch him. Yet, Harrison like Morgan was able to convince Tommy and Janine that they were not guilty. Timelock is a fast read that will have you losing track of time in a good way. I look forward to reading the next book featuring Morgan and Janine. 


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