Book Review: Wednesday Pierce Vamp Soul Academy #2


Vamp Soul Academy is in danger.

And so is everyone I care about.

I fight for survival, but my dreams are a constant battle between temptation and pure hatred. I’m one step closer to solving my parents’ murder. But at the academy, evil lurks.

With a vamp killer on the loose, those drawn to me stand by my side. But an unforeseen bad boy arrives in town and tensions mount.

If I don’t figure out the vampire killer’s identity in time, those I care about are in jeopardy.

My Review

Ok, so I am really into how this series is progressing. I liked the first book but really enjoyed this one better. I have kind of kept my distance from reading academia books because the characters can come off as a bit too juvenile for me. Yet, I have no issues with these books. The characters are not like that and the scenes between Wednesday, Savanna, and Spencer are very hot. Of course, the moments between just Wednesday and Savanna or Wednesday and Spencer are just as spicy. 

Although, I can't forget Wednesday's best friend, Baxter. He is a sweetheart, and I am glad Wednesday has someone like him in her life. The appearance of the "mystery" guy really brought the heat level up several notches. Finally, there is Darkhareus. Every time that he appears, he only brings more mystery and unanswered questions. I can't wait to continue this series. My new favorite day of the week is now Wednesday!


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