Book Review: His Pretty Little Burden


Sweet little Fawn is the daughter of a boss in The District Cosa Nostra.

The daughter of the man who betrayed my family.

Not only is she a burden—barely eighteen, naïve, the epitome of a little deer in headlights-
But she is too damn pretty.

Too pretty to have clawed her way through life, merely surviving.

Too pretty to be so utterly vulnerable, alone, and asking for help from the deadliest man in the city—me.

Christ. She is too pretty to be walking my halls at midnight.

Too damn pretty. . . to not be mine.
My pretty little burden.

His Pretty Little Burden is part of The Kids of The District series but can be read without the previous books, although it follows a greater narrative. It has a happily for now. It features a powerful Mafia Don, and his endearing tortured little heroine. His Pretty Little Burden has an age-gap dynamic that some people may find uncomfortable. It is an epic love story first. Word steam second. Violence, gore, and drama, third. Enjoy.

My Review

Nicci does it again with this newest offering in this series. With each book my love for the Butcher men just grows even stronger. This book was no exception with the domineering Clay Butcher. Yet, when it came to Fawn aka Little Deer, he rode a fine line with not being too harsh with Fawn. Also, can I take a moment to just mention the sex scenes...holy hell!! 

There might have been some mental role playing going on in my head while reading this book. Where I imagined myself in Fawn's shoes. She is one very luckily woman. Just when I think I have a favorite Butcher guy, Nicci comes out with the next book, and I fall in love with the next one. So, you can say that my favorite is all Butcher men. Which it was great to see them in this book as well. 


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