Book Review: Holding You

 I thought I could control myself. I thought I could have a quick taste.

I was dead wrong.

One slow dance and a kiss in my empty restaurant was all it took for me to fall for the babysitter.

When Eliza Hemming lost her nursing job after saving my daughter’s life, my protective streak took over and I offered her a job.

Now she has me wanting things I can’t have.

She’s everything I’m not—young, impulsive, and fun. My control unravels with every bite of her lip, lingering touch, and forbidden kiss.

Being a single dad and running a business in small-town Havenport is complicated on a good day. I’m just a grumpy forty-one-year-old trying to keep all the balls in the air.

Can I juggle everything or will something drop? And if it’s my heart, will I survive the fall?

Author’s Note: Holding You is a full-length, standalone, grumpy-sunshine romance featuring a reformed bad boy hero, a plucky heroine, a spicy age gap, and a guaranteed happily ever after. May contain adult language, graphic sexy times, long walks on the beach, motorcycle rides, sarcastic children, and lots of discussions of food. If this is your first visit to Havenport, welcome and get ready to swoon.

My Review

I really enjoyed this book. Ok, so I am not a huge fan of "silver fox" older men romances but after reading this book, I may have to start reading more of these types of books. A man who is a great father, can cook, and looks hot shirtless....yes, please! Although, Matteo's daughter, Val may beg to differ at times about her father; in fact, Val called Matteo "stinky face" at one point. I love kids in stories. You never know what is going to come out of their mouths. 

Instantly, I connected with Eliza. She is very kind-hearted and a joy to get to know. Together, she and Matteo were heating up the pages of this book. The first time that they got intimate was hot but every time after that was even hotter. If grumpy, single father translates to sexy, older man than I am all in!

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