Who Rescued Who


Elizabeth Barnes, social media influencer and self-made woman, has no time for nonsense. Her world is fast-paced, and to stay on top, she needs to keep moving, posting, swiping, and developing engaging content more quickly than the rest of Silicon Valley.

And then, Elizabeth’s big plans come screeching to a halt when she’s unjustly fired from her job at a major tech firm.

Scrambling to set her life back on course, Elizabeth packs her bags and heads to the tiny town of Fargrove, England, to meet an estranged aunt and uncle who claim to hold a piece of her inheritance from her deceased father. Her plan is simple: get what she came for and return to Silicon Valley to reclaim her tech throne and take down her former boss.

Fargrove is a land of the locals, with remote internet access and even a few sheep roaming the fields. Elizabeth’s aunt and uncle are welcoming and kind, but she’s ready to high-tail it back to San Francisco ASAP. But when Elizabeth stumbles upon an abandoned puppy during her visit, she’s shocked to realize that her brief trip to England might turn into an extended stay. Unable to abandon the dog for a second time, Elizabeth is committed to spending more time in Fargrove until arrangements can be made.

As Elizabeth settles in to her temporary home, she finds herself immersed in a brand new life—complete with friends, family, a fulfilling new job, and even a potential love interest. Despite uncovering some hard family secrets and beginning a challenging journey of self-reflection, Elizabeth finds herself enjoying her new life. Is it possible to leave behind the fast-paced world she built for herself back home—all because of a dog?

My Review

This is a fun and lighthearted book. Georgina like any other dog steals my heart in this book. However, she is not the only one. I loved everyone in this story from Elizabeth to her Uncle Rowan and his wife, Trudy; then there is Nicky, Harriet, Des, Anna, Willard, and love interest, James.

Everyone was so personable and friendly that you just want to hang out with them. Which I really appreciated the lighthearted tone of this book. There were many moments where I did find myself smiling and even laughing.

While, the romance between James and Elizabeth is nice, it was not the main focal point of the story. In fact, it was on the sweeter side and did not happen until about midway into the story. Yet, you can be assured that by the end of the story, it was a happy ending.


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