Lost in Ghost Town

Psychologist to the Hollywood elite Dr. Carder Stout delivers a page-turning memoir about his fall from grace into the gritty underbelly of crack addiction, running drugs for the Shoreline Crips, surviving homelessness, escaping a murder plot, and finding redemption in the most unlikely of places.

Dr. Carder Stout’s clientele includes Oscar-, Golden Globe-, Emmy-, Tony- and Grammy-winners, bestselling authors, and billionaires. He may not be able to share their dark secrets, but for the first time, everyone will know his. 

At the age of thirty-four, Carder would have gladly pawned the silver spoon he was born choking on for a rock of crack. His downfall was as swift as his privilege was vast…or had he been falling all along?

Raised in a Georgetown mansion and educated at exclusive institutions, Carder ran with a crowd of movers, shakers, and future Oscar-winners in New York City. But words like “promise” and “potential” are meaningless in the face of serious addiction. Lost years and a stint in rehab later, when Carder was a dirty, broke, soon-to-be-homeless crackhead wandering the streets of Venice, California. His lucky break came thanks to his old Ford Taurus: he lands a job of driving for a philosophical drug czar with whom he finds friendship and self-worth as he helps deliver quality product to LA’s drug enthusiasts, from trust-fund kids, gang affiliates, trophy wives, hip-hop producers, and Russian pimps. But even his loyalty and protection can’t save Carder from the peril of the streets--or the eventual contract on his life. 

From a youth of affluence to the hit the Shoreline Crips put on his life, Carder delves deep into life on the streets. Lost in Ghost Town is a riveting, raw, and heartfelt look at the power of addiction, the beauty of redemption, and finding truth somewhere in between.

My Review

To be honest, I had never heard of Dr. Carder Stout until this book. Which in a way is probably a good thing as there was no preconceived judgments going into this book.

I appreciate Dr. Stout sharing his story. Reading how he felt when he experienced his first high was sad. I have not experienced drug issue but had close ones around me deal with it. Some are still here and others have passed away. Yet, I understand about addiction. So, I could see how Dr. Stout got addicted.

While, I do again appreciate Dr. Stout sharing his story; I felt like I was just "reading" a book. In the sense that I was reading Dr. Stout's story but not fully connecting to it. Although, I am glad that Dr. Stout did find his happy ending in regards to his addiction.

Dr. Carder Stout, PhD, is a Los Angeles-based psychologist with a practice filled with A-list celebrities, bestselling authors and a few Hollywood billionaires. A graduate from Trinity College with a BA in creative writing, Stout continued on to earn a Master’s degree in New Mexico, followed by a PhD in Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara. Additionally, Stout produced three award-winning independent films which gave him a unique ability to work with a variety of clients from the entertainment industry, which eventually led him to becoming the therapist to the stars. After succumbing to addiction to alcohol and cocaine, Carder began recovery and is now sober for over a decade. Carder works with at least one Pro bono client from an underprivileged community each month as a way to give back to those who supported him during his homelessness and addiction. Carder Stout is a frequent wellness contributor to Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website Goop and has been featured on Larry King, Good Day LA and Us Weekly. He is also a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and superstar musician Alanis Morissette’s health and wellness site Alanis.com.
For more on Carder Stout, please visit his website.


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