How Beautiful They Were

A novel about the American theatre of the 1850s.

The New York theatre of that era was the Hollywood of its day, with all its trademark insanities. It was everything that was America. Its beauty and excitement, its rise and fall of personalities, its joys and desperations, selfish corruptions and violence. Even its hatred and racism.

Enter Colonel Tearwood's American Theatre Company. Helmed by actor Nathanial Luck and playwright Robert Harrison, it revolutionizes the theatre of the times by bringing daily life to the stage: Love affairs, social corruption, political intrigue, violence and death grip the audience as backstage the players' fortunes rise and fall and rise again in an all too human play. There's dashing Nathaniel Luck, hunted for the Pickwick Paper murders; beautiful Genevieve Wells, a con artist and swindler; Rosina Swain, aspiring actress in search of a father; and Robert Harrison, scion of a wealthy family, who was burned and disfigured in the infamous Wall Street fire, and turns the ruins of his body into art. How beautiful they were...

My Review

OMG, if you have not read a Boston Teran book, you are missing out. I have only read a few books but everyone that I have read thus far have been a grand reading experience. Mr. Teran is an iconic author. I do not use this loosely by using the term "iconic author". In fact; I would put him in the same category as Mr. John Steinbeck.

Besides the main characters, there is a surprise voice, Jeremiah Fields, stage manager. He is part narrator. He helped add a rich tone to the story. Which by the way, this story is more than just about the glam about the theater. Behind the curtains are filled with drama, love, loss, friendship, betrayal, and murder.

I finished this book in one day. It was truly that great. No matter how much I try to portray how much I enjoyed this book; I can't do justice. You just have to pick up a copy for yourself. I look forward to reading the next book by Mr. Teran.


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