Izzy in El Mareo

Izzy’s trying to cope with life, love, and loneliness, but her fast life in Houston is rapidly spinning out of control.
So when the twenty-three-year-old American takes a job at an international resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, she hopes her old life is behind her at last—and with it, all the self-doubts and insecurities that have plagued her since childhood. She’s wondering if she’ll be able to survive in a new job in a strange country, but for now, the city’s breathtaking ocean views by day and sexy club scenes by night look like paradise.
Happy and energized by the unfamiliar sights and sounds of her surroundings, Izzy sets out to prove herself in the Spanish-speaking office. Soon she’s making strides at work, partying with new acquaintances, and all the while gaining confidence as she successfully navigates the local culture (and the men in it).
But soon the lines start to blur in paradise. Izzy misses her family and her boyfriend back home; she senses her new friends may be ignoring her; and when she travels for work, she feels insecure and out of place. Her self-esteem takes a hit. Confusion and disorientation set in. Returning to old habits—drinking, partying hard, and looking for love with strangers—Izzy is feeling more alone than ever. When an office gaffe threatens to ruin her much-anticipated trip home for Christmas, Izzy is forced to take stock: Was the whole move to Mexico a mistake? Can she find a way to get her career—and her life—back on track?
In this poignant, funny, and edgy coming-of-age story, debut author Danielle Ledezma shows us that there’s strength in being vulnerable, it’s all right not to be perfect, and most of all, we have to learn to love ourselves before we can truly love anyone else.

Danielle Ledezma was raised in San Antonio, Texas, and attended the University of Texas at Austin. She currently lives in Texas with her husband, Pedro, and their two fur babies, Cali and Cole

My Review

The exotic location of Puerto Vallarta is lovely. Sometimes a location can really add something to a story. In this case, it did help. Sadly, it did not help enough.

Izzy, I found to be a bit of a push over and overly sensitive. The first example is her ex-boyfriend. He was a jerk. He did not treat Izzy right but yet she put up with it. She probably still would have put herself last if he had not broken up with her. Then there is the fact that I was not drawn to any of the characters in this book. I tried to find something interesting about them but none were anyone I would really want to get to know better.

While, this book did not resonate with me, it might for another reader. If you like coming of age stories, you might pick up this book and give it a try.


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