On a rainy night, traveling along a desolate patch of the California coast, Michael Quinn pulls his motorcycle off the highway and checks into a roadside inn. An unforgettable evening awaits him... if he lives through it. Past collides with present... temptations and tensions simmer... until they erupt.

My Review

This is my first introduction to Mr. Olson's work. Yet, this short story did whelp my appetite to read more from Mr. Olson; particularly book one in the Michael Quinn series. Mr. Olson shows that it does not matter the "size" of the book that counts but the "quality" of the story.

From the beginning to the end, there was lots of action. There is the main character, Michael. There are some rough edges about Michael. Yet, he also shows that he has a soft side as well. He can be a lady's man but he has manners. Yet, if you mess with him; you better watch out. Again, for a short story, this story does pack a "big" punch. However, I did wish the story was a bit longer as it would have given me more time to connect to the characters better.


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