Gift Ideas

If you are looking for some gift ideas. Check out these books. There is something for everyone.
Enjoy historical fiction or looking to go on an adventure? The Architect's Key is for you.
Are you a lover of wine or a wine connoisseur? 50 Ways to Love Wine More is the book you want.
Do you have a love one, someone close to you with autism, or like reading memoirs? Space of Love is your choice.

Architect's Key:

 Book Synopsis:

Leo Katsaros, an ambitious architect, goes on a series of trips to the past on a quest to learn from history's greatest master builders. Instead, he finds himself enmeshed in a messy family dispute between two Greek Gods. In this whimsical take on time travel the architect discovers not only surprising things about the world's most famous monuments, but also the secret of his own peculiar origins.  This tale blurs distinctions between past and present in a romp through some of the more perplexing aspects of time.

Author Bio
The author grew up on Point Loma, in southern California.  The hidden coves and caves of Sunset Cliffs were his children playground.  Farther out on the point he also wandered among the exotic ruins of a utopian community founded in the late 1800's and wondered what it was.  Later he found out that a flamboyant woman named Madame Catherine Tingley had established a community called Lomaland based on the teachings of the Theosophical movement, which draws on range of occult traditions.  The Architect's Key is a reimagining of what might have happened if the founder of Lomaland had been a time traveling goddess who was intent on hiding a secret.

50 Ways to Love Wine More:

Book Synopsis:
Are you looking for a new way to learn about wine? This unique approach to enhancing wine knowledge and appreciation cuts through the clutter and reminds everyone that the wonder of wine lies in the heart, not in the head. 

Join award-winning writer Jim Laughren, CWE, on a cool, creative tour through the heart of wine country. Whether beginner or seasoned oenophile, expand your knowledge of wine tasting, wine sourcing, winemaking, wine regions, wine history, and more. 
While 50 Ways to Love Wine More is brimming with facts and "vintellect" on a wide variety of wine-focused topics, what you'll learn most is how to let wine wrap you in its embrace, whisper its secrets in your ear, and welcome you to its confederacy of aficionados.  
As always, Laughren's easy-going style is a pleasure to read, and his love of wine shines through on every page. Anyone looking for an off the beaten path approach to embracing this special beverage need look no further. 

Author Bio:
Jim Laughren, Certified Wine Educator (CWE), is the award-winning author of “A Beer Drinker’s Guide to Knowing and Enjoying Fine Wine.” He loves wine, and has for a very long time. Known for his irreverent approach and unflagging enthusiasm for all things fermented, he is the president of Chicago-based WineHead Consulting and a former importer-distributor of fine wines from around the world. When it comes to wine, no one combines fun with serious, or education with enjoyment like Jim Laughren. He loves nothing more than sharing his passion with others, be it through teaching, conducting tastings or leading industry training sessions and seminars.

Space of Love:
Book Synopsis:
For people living with a child or adult with autism, special needs, or any life situation that is emotionally difficult: If you feel like you have reached the end of your rope and have run out of solutions, Space of Love offers an energizing lifeline and a brand new perspective on how to approach many personal concerns. 

This book centers the reader. It offers hope and inspiration. Anytime a person needs an emotional pick-me-up, it provides a soothing surge of self empowerment. Like healing meditation, you'll find yourself wanting to read this book again and again. 

The author posits: What if the stress and strain you feel is not coming from the challenges or the obstacles in your life, condition of autism, or your child's or another loved one's behavior? The answer to that question--a profound understanding of the human experience--is the gift of Space of Love. 

This highly acclaimed book is based on Gayle Nobel's 34 years of coping with the challenges of raising an autistic son combined with her more recent insights as a transformative life coach.

Through deeply honest, inspiring personal stories and insightful poetry, Gayle takes the reader on an amazing journey as she explores the power of thought, resilience, wisdom, innate well-being, and most of all love in creating the experience of living with autism. 

Space of Love is not just for those touched in some way by autism, but for anyone seeking to discover and release their own natural resilience. 

Readers may shed a few tears, smile, and walk away with a totally new awareness of the human experience after reading Space of Love.

Author Bio:
 Gayle Nobel is an author, transformative life coach, parent mentor, blogger, and inspirational speaker. She has a lifelong connection to autism through her brother and son. Gayle has a BA in Special Education and Elementary Education from Arizona State University. She received life coach training through the International Coach Academy and Michael Neill's Supercoach Academy. Space of Love is her third book on living with autism. Gayle resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and son.


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