The Opposite of Never

Devastated by the loss of their spouses, Georgia and Kenny think that the best times of their lives are long over until they find each other; meanwhile Kenny's teenage stepdaughter, Zelda, and Georgia's friend's son, Spencer, fall in love at first sight-only to fall prey to and suffer opiate addiction together.

My Review

I did like this book. It was heart breaking but at the same time there was love and joy to be found within these pages as well. Zelda and Spencer's stories really connected with me. Luckily, not because I have experienced drug abuse but because their voices were strong and due to their ages I could connect more with them. This is where I did struggle a little with the rest of the people's voices in this book. I didn't have the same connection with them.

So, it was kind of like I was reading only half a book. It was like I was reading what was happening but could not recall events or moments like the ones involving Zelda and Spencer, Therefore, it made the reading experience a bit slow going for me. Again, as I stated previously; I did like this book.


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