Jenna's Cowboy

Nate Langley has returned to Callahan Crossing. He was off fighting in the war. He is ready to come home and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Jenna Callahan Colby and her son Zach are content living on her family’s ranch, after a failed marriage. Jenna thought she had everything her heart desired…till she saw Nate. Jenna and Nate were high school sweethearts but Jenna’s father felt that Nate wasn’t good enough for Jenna and sent him packing.

Now Jenna and Nate are all grown up. Can these two reconnect and give love a second chance?

Jenna’s Cowboy is the first book in a new series called The Callahans of Texas. I liked the town of Callahan Crossing. The people there were so friendly and inviting. It made me wish it was a real place. I can’t imagine what someone coming back from the war must be going through with nightmares. I thought author, Sharon Gillenwater did her research well on this subject. Nate could have been a very uncaring and depressing character but instead she made readers cheer for Nate. The romance shared between Nate and Jenna was sweet. I have to admit though that there were times when I skimmed thought the middle as I felt it moved a little slow. Overall, though, this book showed promise and I am sure the rest of the series will be pretty good.

“Available January 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”


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