Jackie Brighton had big ambitions of being more than just a tour guide at the museum. Jackie never imagined that she would wake up in a dumpster and find that she has become a succubus. Jackie went from being a cup size B to a DD. To some this would be a blessing but not for Jackie.

The first person Jackie meets after being transformed is Noah. Noah is a fallen angel. Noah wants to help Jackie adjust to her new life. He won’t be alone. Noah will be helped with another succubus by the name of Remy.

I have only read a few books that featured succubuses. The ones I did read, I enjoyed. After reading Gentlemen Prefer Succubi the first book in The Succubus Diaries, I have now found my favorite author to write about succubus. This book had me laughing pretty much all the way through till the end. The sharp witty comments that Noah would make were great. If someone as good looking at Noah made comments to me like he did to Jackie, I would probably melt and forgive him. I plan to pick up a copy of Succubi Like It Hot, the next book in this series soon. I can’t wait to continue all the fun with Jackie, Remy and Noah.


The Bookworm said…
I've never read a book dealing with Succubus' but this cover alone would grab my attention!
Cheryl said…
Naida- I have not read many but yes, I agree thatthis cover is worth looking at over and over

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