The Serotonin Power Diet

The Serotonin Power Diet by Judith J. Wurtman, PhD. and Nina T. Frusztajer, MD. is a very insightful and useful book. It explains what serototnin is and why it can help you with your food cravings.

Serotonin is the switch that turns off your appetite. Serotonin is also the control that restores your good mood after minor and major stresses erode it. When produced consistently and regularly, serotonin prevents the tendency to eat impulsively when stresses occur. So now you ask, serotonin sounds like a very useful thing but how do you produce it regularly? The answer is by eating ….carbohydrates! Hey, Dr. Atkins would dispute that carbohydrates are bad and now you are telling me that they are good?

That’s correct. Think about a time when you gave up eating carbohydrates like candy, French fries, ice cream to name a few. What did you reach for when you encountered a really stressful situation…all of the above foods…but did you eat just one piece or one scoop…no you pigged out and then felt bad afterwards. Well your body requires carbohydrates and when it does not get any on regular bases that is the first thing your body craves when there is not enough of it in your system. The goal is to learn how to eat it in moderate as well as to learn the signs between appetite versus hunger.

I like that this book was put into easy to read and understand words. It also talked about other people, just like me, so that I didn’t feel like I was alone in the battle. One thing to remember with The Serotonin Power Diet is that exercise is also an important role in staying healthy and losing weight. This book outlines a step by step guide to follow for each week. Chapter fourteen is dedicated to a bunch of recipes that you can cook and stay within the limits of The Serotonin Power Diet. If you are ready to become healthy then check out The Serotonin Power Diet.

Check out this article by Judith J. Wurtman, PhD and Nina T. Frusztajer, MD


Harvee said…
I knoew there is a good reason why I love bread!
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