The Sculptor

Someone is replicating famous sculptors by one of the great artist, Michelangelo. Only this killer draws his inspiration from live human subjects.

Cathy Hildebrant has been called in by the FBI for her extensive knowledge as an art historian to help track down a serial killer.

FBI Agent Sam Markham has tracked down many serial killers but none like The Sculptor. He will have to relay on Cathy to help him figure out the killer’s next move as the bodies start piling up.

This book kind of reminded me of the original movie House of Wax starring Vincent Price. That movie was creepy and would give you chills. This is exactly what Gregory Funaro did with The Sculptor. The killer or as he was called “The Sculptor” is one twisted person. I grabbed this book as I was getting ready for bed, which was a bad idea. I ended up staying up reading half the book. I had no clue or what the killer’s motive was till towards the end of the book, which is how it was suppose to be. FBI Agent Markham and Cathy worked well together. Though, Cathy was more the brains between her and Markham. Fans of thrillers will be screaming for joy with The Sculptor. Mr. Funaro has sculpted a place on my bookshelves for life.


Carol said…
Sounds creepy - in a good way.

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