Book Review: Tale of the Deceived


“The blood will spill,

The blood will flow,

The blood will be the end of all.”

I was human when the Gates fell and the war started. But ever since, I don't know what I am anymore.

What I do know is that I possess a precious bargaining chip—my blood. And everyone wants a drop of it: vampires, werewolves, and faes.

The only one who seems to see me as more than just a blood bag is the worst of them all: a vampire with haunting eyes, incapable of any emotions other than blinding rage. My sudden obsession with this mysterious loner is fearsome, but our connection is unexplainable—a recipe for disaster on my secret quest.

Throw in a werewolf who hates my guts and his younger brother with puppy-like behavior, and my mission to survive in the New World becomes increasingly messy.

He fears the memories his blood might show me.

I fear them too.

My Review

Tale of the Deceived is Ariana's newest endeavor into the paranormal world. She pulls it off. Although, I did not doubt her as I love her Little Hope series. A small-town romance series. So, readers will be in for a big surprise with this new change. Fans of paranormal/fantasy books will want to check out this book.

There are hints of romance but don't worry as it will build in the next book. I like that the romance between Sadie and Darriel was not too prominent. This is because they started out as enemies and if they had shared an instant love, I actually would not have believed nor felt it. Sadie is a wild card. There is still mystery surrounding her and I can't wait to learn more about how she plays into the whole world.

Another person that I hope is featured more is Garrett. I think there is more to him as well and there appears to be history between him and Darriel. Ariana takes me on a magical journey that I am all in with engaging characters built in a fantastic world with Tale of the Deceived!


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